Byebye, Muffin Top! 6 Super Tricks That Work EVERY Time!

Byebye, Muffin Top! 6 Super Tricks That Work EVERY Time!
That soft part of your belly that bulges over your waistband sometimes? That’s a muffin top. And no, it’s not because your pants are too tight for you (unless they’re physically hurting you!) - it’s just that most of us don’t have washboard abs, and so the soft bits of our tummy just kind of...spill over. There are some simple tricks that will totally make it feel like a thing of the past, though, and here they are!

1. Wear The Right Pants

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Pants that have pleats or gathers under the waistband are just right for you! They look great and can be teamed up with a simple tucked-in top. Just the outfit you need for a day out with your girlfriends!

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2. Go High With Your Jeans

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Banish low-waist jeans from your closet! We know they were a huge trend, but they really aren’t flattering for your mid-section. Give mid-rise jeans a shot - they provide more support and make sure you don’t get bulges at your waist!

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3. Rock The Peplum

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But who are we kidding? We DO love those low-waist jeans! The solution: pair them with a peplum top! They look super-fashionable, and gently conceal whatever is going on underneath them.

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4. Cover Up With The Kurti

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Short tops are our go-to in the summer, but they can be problematic in this case. Opt for a slightly longer one, something that comes down to your hips. It’ll skim over your waist nice and easy, and you won’t ever feel conscious about bending!

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5. The Skirt Can Be Your Saviour!

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High-waisted not-too-tight skirts are a Godsend! They can be worn to any pretty much any event, and it also helps that they’re just the right thing for the summer months!

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6. It’s Okay To Get Some Help!

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Shapewear can be our little secret! For when you want to wear a figure-hugging top, this is just what will give you the extra smoothing effect you need! Plus, it shapes up your waist wonderfully, which is always a plus.

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