Sorry, NOT Sorry! 8 Times In Life It's OKAY To Be Blunt

Sorry, NOT Sorry! 8 Times In Life It's OKAY To Be Blunt
It’s nice to be nice to people. And yes, we like it when people are nice to us in return. There are, however, certain situations that just demand for us to be downright blunt. And if such a situation arises, take it from us, it’s totally OKAY to bare your honest thoughts. So, when and when not is it okay to be blunt to people? We help you figure it out...

1. When that aunt constantly comments on you

We all have that one aunt who will always find a way to put you down. Whether it’s your weight, your skin “fairness”/ “darkness” or your life choices – she always has some not-so-nice comments waiting. As a child, you probably cried or felt bad about what she said, but now, you’re done with that! It’s time you let her know that you’re capable enough of making your own life choices and are proud of who you are.

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2. When a boy at the bar is hitting on you and you’re just not interested

Any girl who has ever gone clubbing has faced this! There’s always this guy who tries to approach you and your group of girls when you are out partying. If he is being subtle AND respecting your space, it’s not an issue. But if he tries to get over-friendly and refuses to give up after being told so, it’s totally okay for you to ask him to back the hell off! He should get the message, loud and clear!

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3. When your neighbour is being just too nosy!

We’re not saying all neighbours are bad! But then there are those who like to stay updated about everything that’s going on in your life. To be honest, it isn’t really their business to be bothered about where you are heading out at night and which boy you were seen with crossing what road. The next time you hear anything to the effect of “We know what you’ve been up to”, you’re TOTALLY allowed to say “Good for you!”

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4. When that girl in class passes yet another comment about you

“Verbal diarrhoea” is a common problem in our country! Some people just have no filter and say the first thing that comes to their mind. Now, normally, we would suggest you ignore such people, they are not worth your time! But the truth is, they need to be informed - firmly - that you are not going to entertain their nonsense. So the next time that annoying girl in class passes a comment on you in front of everyone else (for the zillionth time), stand up to her with a blunt reply. Next time, we promise, she’ll think before she messes with you!

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5. When someone asks you something that’s just too personal

Now, this one we feel very strongly about! No one – and we mean no one - has the right to intimidate you and get personal information out of you. We all have coworkers who step over the line and ask how much of a salary hike we got or distant relatives who want to know how much money we are making… You DON’T need to tell them. And there’s absolutely nothing to feel guilty about! People have no business enquiring into your personal affairs, and you can definitely be blunt with them! Your age, your wage, your past – this is privileged information, and you owe nobody an explanation. So please answer these people with a calm yet succinct “‘It’s none of your business.”

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6. When someone trolls you on Facebook

There’s a reason you should filter your Facebook list, and that reason is annoying people! Social media allows us the convenience of saying rude and mean things behind the safety of our computer screens. We all have that one person we know - could be an old classmate, a distant cousin, a neighbour or a professor - who comments on our posts like they are paid to do it. The minute you share something about your life or even an article you liked, they are waiting like hawks with a snarky comment. You do not need to put up with this! Please be blunt with them and ask them to knock it off because you are not interested in fighting or creating any issues. They should get the hint and back off; and if not, there’s always block and delete! :-)

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7. When someone infringes upon your personal space

Err, hello! This is not okay in any universe. Whether it’s a friend trying to peek into your phone’s display, or a lover who wants to read your email, your personal space is yours. Please protect it and cherish it like it’s sacrosanct, because it is! You don’t have to pick a fight, but you can be blunt and convey that you are uncomfortable with this. If they love you, they will understand. If they don’t understand - you already know the answer - they are not worth it!

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8. When a co-worker passes a sexist comment!

Be the kind of person that people know they can’t cross a line with. Generally, “innocent jokes” and “time-pass humour” are very common at the workplace. Unfortunately, they may sometimes veer towards being unfavourable to women. Promise us you won’t put up with this? Never let them get away with damsel-in-distress jibes, or that this-is-a-job-for-a-man bullshit. Be good at what you do, and put people in their place if they ever cross a line. If they perceive you to be a feminist, so be it! Be blunt about how the joke was in bad taste, and they ought to get the hint.

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