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10 Thoughts We've ALL Had When Our Guy First Met Our Folks!

10 Thoughts We've ALL Had When Our Guy First Met Our Folks!
While love is all rosy and pretty and butterflies-in-the-stomach, there eventually comes a time when you have to get HIM to meet The Parents. YOUR parents. Even the sound of that is scary! Anyhow, this “special meeting” comes with a lot of anticipation AND anxiety - you want your parents to like him - No. Matter. What! If you get our drift, you’d relate to these 10 thoughts we’ve all had when introducing our guy to our beloved parents...

1. OMG, this is get-together is super awkward. I can’t believe this is actually happening!

Just breathe in and breathe out.  parents meet the boyfriend

2. Will my parents accept him the way I did?

The stupid suspense is killing me!  parents meet the boyfriend

3. Why is mom talking so much and dad so less?!

Is he secretly judging him?  parents meet the boyfriend

4. Good, they’re all smiling and getting along. I think they like him already!

Thank God for small mercies!  parents meet the boyfriend

5. Why is my guy fumbling so much? I have honestly never seen him this nervous!

It’ll be all right. Keep it together!  parents meet the boyfriend

6. I’m gonna need A LOT of alcohol after this!

Where should I go? Hmmm.  parents meet the boyfriend

7. Worst comes to worst, there’s always arranged marriage!

Haha. No. What’s wrong with me!?  parents meet the boyfriend

8. Where’s that time machine when you need it?

Technology, you aren’t advanced enough!  parents meet the boyfriend

9. Wait. Why is this turning into an interview?

Well, on the bright side, he must love me A LOT to be going through this!  parents meet the boyfriend

10. Is it over yet? Is it over?!!

Nooo, dad! Not again…!  parents meet the boyfriend Gifs: giphy.com, tumblr.com. MUST-READ: How To Tell If He’s Looking For A Serious Relationship MUST-READ: #KeepCalm: How To Tell Your Parents You’re Seeing Someone