MAGIC Panties! Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Pads & Tampons?

MAGIC Panties! Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Pads & Tampons?
Three women got together, did some real thinking, and a revolutionary new underwear was born! Imagine not having to bother about spotting or leakage during “that time of the month”. If we were to tell you that spotting woes are a thing of the past, would you believe us? Well, you better...

thinx panties

Menstruation & Waste

Why THINX panties, you wonder?

We’re not new to the fact that menstruation has been a subject of stigma and taboo in various part of the world, including India. It is quite sad though that despite the great advancements mankind has made, every woman has to worry about stains and leaks for at least 12 weeks in a year! Current menstrual hygiene solutions also take a toll on our environment. Assuming that the average woman goes through about 12 pads during her cycle, and that she menstruates for say, 40 years, that’s about 5,700 pads of waste that a SINGLE woman generates, not to mention that she also faces risks of rashes/allergies from the plastic on the pads or Toxic Shock Syndrome from tampons.

We’ve been able to send robots to mars, but we still haven’t figured out a safe and convenient solution for our periods?! Really?

Enter, THINX!

It was a white pencil skirt that started the story (sound familiar?). That, and the fact that there was nothing in the market that gave real protection to women during their periods, pushed twins Radha & Miki Agrawal, and their friend Antonia Dunbar to develop THINX, which is like regular underwear, but with superpowers! These magic panties not only keep you feeling dry during your period, but they’re also absorbent and completely leak-proof. Made with their patented QUADtech technology, each of these panties have 4 layers - first, a layer that removes moisture, second, an anti-bacterial layer, third, the "pad" layer, which can hold up to 6 teaspoons of blood, and finally, a leak-resistant layer that ensures that even your whitest pants are protected from your period.

thinx panties


THINX comes in three variants - the Thong (which is for lighter days, and can completely eliminate the need for panty liners), the Cheeky (for medium flow days), and the Hiphugger (for heavy flow days). Apart from the fact that they are so functional, they’re super cute too!

One of the reviews on the site says: “I have now been wearing my THINX Hiphugger for about 8 hours and no complaints! I can’t even tell I have them on – which is what women want in underwear.”

The best part is, they are machine washable (after a recommended hand rinse), and last you as long as regular underwear!

Although they can hold up to 2 tampons worth of liquid, their website recommends you use them as backup with your tampons/menstrual cups/pads, but they do completely eliminate the need for panty liners. In their FAQ page, however, they do talk about how THINX can potentially replace your current menstrual routine, but that would depend on your cycle, and that you would have to do the testing yourself :)

thinx panties

Why We Love THINX

They’re cute, they’re functional, and FINALLY, there’s some serious progress in the field of menstrual hygiene!

You can shop them at Watch their founding story, here!
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