11 Things You Need To Know To Find The PERFECT Strapless Bra

11 Things You Need To Know To Find The PERFECT Strapless Bra
Strapless bras are not like just any other bra! No seriously, it’s no joke. They do a really hard job for us - and, in return, we have to do the REALLY hard job of finding the perfect one! There are many things about a strapless bra that most of us are unaware about - and knowing them will certainly help with picking the right strapless bra for you. So, read on!

1. Sizing It Up And Down!

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Don’t automatically buy the strapless bra in your regular size. You actually need to go one size down in the band and one cup size bigger. So, for example, if you wear a 36B normal bra, you need to wear a 34C strapless bra. This makes sure that it doesn’t slip and that the bra stays exactly where it's supposed to! So try on that 34C along with your regular 36B to make sure you’re choosing the one that’s absolutely right.

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2. Hooking Up

The more the size goes up, the thicker the band should get. If you are heavy on top, you will need all the support you can get, since there are no straps to support your bust. So as the band grows thicker the number of hooks in a row increase. While someone with a B cup can get away with 2 hooks, a D or higher cup should have 3 to 4 hooks in a row.

3. Go Longline

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A longline strapless bra not only provides you with more support, but it also gives you a nice smooth silhouette which is really important when you wish to wear clothes made out of a slightly clingy material like viscose or lycra - or even if you’re wearing something bodycon.

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4. Mind The Cup!

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While a padded cup definitely provides more support, it’s also more likely to show an outline under your clothes. An unlined cup or a seamless one, on the other hand, won’t show from under clothes. So it really comes down to what you’ll be wearing over your bra - if it’s loose and breezy, go for the padded one; and if it’s fitted, opt for the unlined or seamless bra.

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5. The Right Fit

When trying on the bra, make sure it’s comfortable to wear on the loosest hook. This will ensure that that the bra lasts you for longer as you have a scope of tightening it as you go along.

6. Try The Bustier

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If a normal or even a longline strapless bra isn’t providing you with the support your bust requires, time to step it up a notch. Try a bustier - the cups are fuller and the bodice makes a world of difference to the fit.

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7. The Trial

Just trying on the bra is not enough! You need to try the kind of clothes you’re buying it for over it too. There is no other way to tell if the lace will show through your structured tube top or if it’ll show from under your deep v-neck strappy dress. If that does happen though, a molded plunge bra is a great alternative!

8. The Underwire

The underwire is a must for women with a bigger bust as it provides more support. Though, of course, in that case, you have to make sure the bra is hand-washed. It’s easy for the underwire to get twisted out of shape if it’s machine-washed (and the cloth gets rubbed thin against the wire, and it pokes out!).

9. Get Hold Of The Nude

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While a black one is something that most of us automatically reach for, a nude strapless bra is much more versatile and goes well under all colours. It’s a must-have for your wardrobe!

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10. The Backless Number!

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Deep back and backless blouses that aren’t padded used to be a real pain before we discovered the stick on bra! Sure, it looks a bit weird, but trust us, it does the job really well. Sticky Bra comes in various prints, but in our experience, a simple nude one will work just fine. It comes with full instructions on how to put it on and the care it requires to make it last longer. Also, they’re a great option for girls with smaller boobs. Because although it may feel uncomfortable the first time, it won’t ever slide off!

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11. Do The Bandeau

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A padded bandeau is great for girls with smaller boobs! Wearing this one will actually take away your worries about any malfunctions. Its longer bodice gives the cups support and ensures that they don’t slip or move much. Also, since this is a padded one, unlike other bandeau bras, this one’s not going to flatten everything out!

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