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#TrueLove: 9 Things Happy Couples Never Hide From Each Other

#TrueLove: 9 Things Happy Couples Never Hide From Each Other
Sometimes, building a solid relationship with your partner isn't just about what you do, it is also about what you do not do. And on top of that Do Not list is - hiding important things from one another. Whether it's in your past, your present or likely to be in your future - if it’s significant in your life in any way, let your partner in on it. Whether it's just for a good laugh or a serious discussion, it is bound to get you closer and take you a step further in being happy together. Here are a few things happy couples never hide from one another!

1. Their Fears And Insecurities

Whether it is your fear of the future, insecurity about your career or even your partner, or just a pet peeve - happy couples let each other in on all these insecurities and trust each other enough to open up about their fears.

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2. Past Relationships

Of course, no one wants to hear their partner go on and on about an old flame. But couples who are happy realise that there is a difference between just acknowledging what went wrong in the past and holding on to it or wanting it back. There is no comparing to what you have right now! Talking about past relationships only shows how comfortable you are with one another. :)

3. Moments They Were Super Embarrassed!

It could just be a plain-old story from high school, which at that point you thought had completely ruined your life! Talking about your embarrassing moments with one another goes to show that you have no fear of being judged by each other. You can be 100% yourself and nothing brings happiness like that does!

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4. Hardships Or Challenges They May Have Faced Or Are Facing

Even the happiest of couples go through hard times and misunderstandings. Happy couples are, however, able to learn from these struggles, because they don’t hold back from discussing them. It doesn’t need to turn into a fight each time you have the slightest issue with one another. Talking about it, rather than avoiding confrontation, helps identifying patterns and behaviors that need to be worked upon in the relationship.

5. Minute Day-To-Day Happenings

Keeping your partner up to date on what's happening in your life is an important step in being happy together. The more you know about each other’s day, the more you can contribute to each other’s lives and provide the comfort each one of us needs from time to time. :)

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6. Childhood Memories

You are bound to have some super-fond memories from your childhood and some not-so-fond! Whatever the case, telling your partner little things or stories from your childhood lets them see a completely different side of you!

7. Open Up About Your Family

Our families mean a lot to us. As do our partners. So, when you are in a relationship with someone, being open about your family with them and about them with your family is paramount. Knowing about a person's upbringing and relationship with their family helps you understand a lot about them. When you understand each other better, you are bound to get closer!

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8. Their Innermost Feelings

Positive, negative, whatever they may be - if you can’t discuss how you’re feeling with your partner, something just isn’t right. Whether it's how you feel about your partner's behaviour and attitude lately or it has nothing to do with them - discussing your feelings will make you both feel better and happier.

9. Their Plans For The Future

Couples who are happy together are not afraid to discuss the future! Whether it's planning a vacation next year or your five-year plan, if you’re in a happy space, you won’t be nervous or scared when it comes to discussing your future together. :)

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