17 Things Every Tall Girl Will Totally Get!

17 Things Every Tall Girl Will Totally Get!
It ain’t being easy being tall in a county where the average height of women is 5 feet! Mostly people tend to look at you like you’re strange creature brought to life - but then again, you know that most of them really, really do admire (and sometimes envy) your height! So laugh a little at this list we’ve put together for you, and never forget to stand tall and proud!

1. You have an extensive range of flats AND heels!

‘Coz you dress both for yourself and for all your vertically challenged friends.

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2. When you meet a person for the first time, their first question to you is: “How tall are you?”

Or if you drank a lot of Complan growing up. *Sigh* The number of times you’ve told people your height is not even funny!

3. Comments like “How’s the weather up there?” always come your way.

It’s good guys, I can even see that spot where you’re going bald!

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4. Maxi dresses and skirts are always just a little bit too short and end up floating around your ankles!

What, they DON’T have tall women in, where is this made, OH, China.

5. There’s always this one guy who’s absolutely perfect, but he’s just too damn short!

But when a guy is even an inch taller than you he is automatically in the running!

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6. Every short dress you like is always just a bit too short!

But hey, you have some of the most awesome “long tops” out there!

7. You are constantly being asked “Oh, so do you play basketball?” or “Have you ever tried modelling?”

Maybe yes, maybe no - uff, I gotta go.

8. Whenever you take one of those “What baby animal are you?” quizzes, you always hope that it’s not going to be baby giraffe!

No, really, I WANT to be a puppy.

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9. Your pants are always “half an inch” short.

But hey, that’s what adds the edge to your dressing!

10. Taking a full-length picture with your shorter friends is basically impossible.

Your head always ends up being chopped off unless you bend, and then your smile just looks super-forced.

11. “Doesn’t it feel odd to be that tall?” is a common reaction you evoke.

Well, no. Does it feel odd to ask people really senseless questions?

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12. No one can beat you at saying “Shotgun!” when it comes to a road trip.

Good luck to whoever is sitting behind you! You still need to move the seat back.

13. You were ALWAYS made to stand at the back in school photographs.

Yes, along with all the boys.

14. Trying to fit into a bathtub is such a major task for you!

Where am I meant to have a relaxing bubble bath, in a swimming pool FFS?

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15. You’re always in demand when there’s something hiding on the high shelf that someone needs to get hold of!

Get yourself a LADDER, guys.

16. You sometimes have a bump on your head from banging into things.

Yes, we still underestimate our own height sometimes. Especially when we need to duck.

17. During a movie, you’re always asked to bend because the people at the back of you can’t see!

Well, WHO told you to get better seats than me?

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