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Just. Do. Not! 10 Things NEVER To Say To Your BFF

Just. Do. Not! 10 Things NEVER To Say To Your BFF
We get it, you love her to bits and have no qualms telling her as much. So, why must you hold your horses when it comes to the truth? Well, because we can’t take our best friends for granted. While we wish the best for them -- and absolutely loath when they decide to tread just the wrong path -- it becomes our solemn duty to stand by them, no matter what. There are, however, certain lines no relationship -- no matter how close -- must cross. Here are a few things you should NEVER say to your BFF, or be ready to endure a lifetime of drama!

1. “The Guy You’re Dating Is A Total Jerk!”

Okay, you don’t like him. You don’t have to be so crass about it! Clearly, she’s with him because she likes him. So, ease into it if you really think he’s not right for her.

things not to say to a friend

2. “I Told You So!”

So, the guy she was dating did turned out to be a jerk, just as you’d predicted. But, now that it’s over, do you really want to keep reminding her about how foolish she had been? Take a step back; let her be. She is already hurt and “I told you so” will only make her want to go further in hiding.

3. “Your Brother/Sister Is Totally Out Of Control.”

We’re sure they know their siblings a tad bit better than you. Above all, family is completely out of bounds. It’s an unsaid code of conduct that must not be breached!

things not to say to a friend

4. “YOU Had A Bad Day? You Won’t Believe What Happened With ME!”

Everything doesn't have to be about you, does it? While we’re sure she cares enough about you to let you go on talking first about whatever it is that happened to you, DO NOT turn into a narcissist! Give her a patient hearing; there’s a reason she wants to share whatever is happening in her life with YOU and not anyone else!

things not to say to a friend

5. “That’s SO Not Worth The Money!”

So, you think she overspent on a particular item. Do you HAVE to let her know? Would you telling her now do any good? Maybe she just liked it way more than you. Maybe she was just in the mood to splurge! She bought it because she can afford it.

6. “How Can You Be Friends With Her? She’s Such A Pain!”

Maybe she seems like a pain only to you. And you’re no one to decipher whether or not your BFF needs so and so friend in her life. Every friend has a different role to play in our lives, and she knows better than you if she wants to be around a certain person or not!

7. “That Haircut Is Just Not Working For You!”

It’s one thing if you don’t agree with her choice of dress. It’s another if it’s her hair. They’re gone! And they’re not coming back too soon. Don’t make her feel like crap about it. Come on!

things not to say to a friend

8. “I Don’t Think You Can Pull Off That Dress.”

Why don’t you let HER decide that? Reserve your judgment for the dresses you think YOU can or cannot pull off. Pulling her down like that is not going to lead to any good, ever!

9. “It’s Time You Start Thinking About Starting A Family.”

Now now, don’t turn into the distant nagging relative. She has to go through major physical and emotional changes if she decides to start a family. So, she gets to decide if she’s ready for it; not you!

10. “You Should Start Watching Your Diet!”

Don’t even go there! Indulge her if you can; tell her straight to her face if you think she’s put on a few kilos, but DO NOT say this, especially before or after or DURING a meal!

things not to say to a friend

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