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8 Things You Should NEVER Say About Yourself. EVER!

8 Things You Should NEVER Say About Yourself. EVER!
Girl, there’s only one person in this whole wide world who will be with you your whole life, through all your triumphs and downfalls, through your mistakes and your victories - and that person is YOU! It’s such a pity then, that without realizing it, you say such unflattering things about yourself. The worst part? You do it in front of others! Read this list of things you should never ever say about yourself and start following it right NOW. Capisce?

1. I am not a confident person

Even if this is true, it’s something you should never say in front of others! The world will take advantage of you knowing that you might not stand up for yourself. If you feel you lack confidence, try and work on this from now on. The next time someone asks you for your opinion, don’t hesitate to give it. Being meek and subdued won’t get you that promotion, or the life of your dreams for that matter! things not to say about yourself

2. I cry very often

By admitting that you cry often, you are giving away too much information about your personal life or state of mind. Most people will only be sympathetic towards you, sure, but will probably, in their minds, dismiss you as someone who is “not strong”. Oh, and secondly, we ALL cry sometimes. It’s really nothing to worry about. Don’t take life so seriously - no one gets out alive anyway! things not to say about yourself

3. I can’t carry off most clothes

With that attitude, we’d believe you! Women (trust us, ALL women) have this weird habit of using self-depreciation as a form of humour. Wherein you put yourself down as a way of being funny/ cute. STOP doing this right now! You can carry off whatever clothes you want to carry off as long as you’re comfortable in them. things not to say about yourself

4. I hate my body

Great, body-shaming yourself! There are millions of women around the world campaigning for brands and companies to stop body-shaming us, and here you are doing it to yourself?! Why, girl, why? things not to say about yourself

5. I doubt any guy would really like me

You are putting it out there for the world to know: that you don’t think you are worth loving. This is a very silly thing to do! We are, firstly, certain that tons of great guys would be interested in you. And if you still feel that this is a major issue, there are always ways to work on yourself. Remember, we are all constantly works in progress. Maybe you are just shy around guys, but that’s no reason to make such a bold statement. Oh, and just a small tip: boys love confident women. So please, never, ever say that again. things not to say about yourself

6. I’m awesome in bed!

TMI alert! Even though this is a compliment to yourself (kudos!), the truth is you that shouldn’t be saying this out loud to others - especially to your classmates or colleagues. It is very personal information that really isn’t for public consumption (read: for people to gossip about), and you run the risk of becoming that person who is known for this. We are happy for you if the statement is true, but that’s for you and your man to enjoy. Don’t go bragging about it, because you won’t like it when people say nasty things. things not to say about yourself

7. I hate my family

Again, real-talk time. Almost everyone thinks their family is dysfunctional! It’s really nothing to go announce to the world. Remember, no matter how they are, at the end of the day, they ARE your family. Love them and respect them, and no matter how mad at them you are, avoid talking about it to people at large. Don’t post stuff about it on social media, and don’t talk about it to anyone that you don’t trust completely and absolutely. things not to say about yourself

8. I get affected by what people say about me

The trick to being happy in life is to not attach too much value to what others think. We are quite certain you know this already, but it’s really time you put it into practice. Look, to put it to you simply – we all get affected by things said to us. Isn’t it normal that when someone passes a snide remark we get all riled up and angry? But to go about admitting to everyone that you indeed get affected – you are actually inviting trouble! Besides, our mind believes what we condition it to believe. So say it with us, ladies: “I really don’t care what random people think about me!” Felt good, naa? :-) things not to say about yourself GIFs: wifflegif.com, weheartit.com, www.tumblr.com MUST-READ: #OwnIt: 19 Signs You’re a TOTAL Girl Boss! MUST-READ: 9 Signs You’re A Badass Woman Who Knows What She Wants