21 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 21-Year-Old Self!

21 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 21-Year-Old Self!
Life is all a bit of a whirlwind when you’re 21 - you’re at a point where you have accomplished a few things you’re proud of and still have your whole life in front of you! As you get further along in your twenties, you begin to wonder if the steps you made were always the right ones. Imagine, for a moment, that you had a time machine. No, not the futuristic robot type, but one that let you get retrospective and talk to yourself through different stages in life. Imagine you could talk to your 21-year-old self. What would you say?

1. You will get over that heartbreak

Love is an all-consuming thing that takes over your life, and as they say, first cut is the deepest. As ridiculously hard as it may be to fathom, you will get over it. Stop investing your precious time in someone else’s loss!

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2. Your parents are the most important people in this world

Talk to them! For that matter; make time for your grandparents (if you're lucky enough to still have them around).

3. You should have made time for that girl who wanted to be your friend

Ignoring people who are making an effort to be in your life isn’t cool. You never know when the attention is going to go away or when you’ll find yourself in a position to help somebody or be helped by somebody. Don’t shut them out.

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4. Follow a good bedtime routine, even when you’ve had a big night out!

You had fun at night, you don’t want to wake up the next morning and wipe off the remainders of it from your pillow and face. Take off your makeup, wash your face well and apply Pond’s Age Miracle Night Cream before hitting the bed (hey, it’s never too early to start thinking about those pesky fine lines). This becomes an absolute must at night because as you sleep, your skin rejuvenates, and that’s where a night cream comes in handy. Trust us, your skin will thank you!

5. You don’t know everything yet!

Yes, you have come a long way since your teenage years, but there’s a big bright world out there and your mind IS still growing. Listen to your elders, your peers, your teachers - they are only saying what they’re saying to help you.

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6. Your final year exams are NOT the end of the world

Study, study as hard as you possibly can and be the best that YOU can be, but don’t fret if you didn’t top college or get awarded the prize you coveted so badly. There will be many more opportunities waiting for you in this life; seize them instead.

7. You don’t need to do that to be cool

Whatever it is, smoking, drinking excessively, partying every night, sex, drugs. It’s not all rock ‘n’ roll and it WILL take its toll on you, eventually. Remember: everything in moderation is the key!

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8. Brush your teeth, every day and night!

You had baby teeth, then you got the adult ones - it was a big deal! You will start realizing that these pearly whites don’t stay in pristine condition forever. Do the basics, reap the benefits!

9. Stop dying your hair every two weeks

You’re literally killing your hair. There are other ways to express your individuality!

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10. Travel

Everywhere and anywhere! Be safe, but don’t be sorry that you didn’t take that road trip with your girlfriends when you had the chance. Wanderlust is a beautiful thing and a lot more easily accomplished when you are 21!

11. Be confident about your mind and body

They are yours to use and cultivate however you deem fit, but be happy with who you see in the mirror - she is you and she needs you to tell her that you look amazing! Coz, guess what?! You do!

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12. Go dancing with your friends once a week!

Or if you can’t make it once a week, dance in your living room! Just make sure the rhythm stays alive and kicking in your soul! Music really will make everything better.

13. Keep a journal. You will want to remember these years!

“Dear diary, today I went for a movie with my brother and we both laughed so much that Coke flew out of our nostrils.” However trivial the data may seem, these are memories that you will find yourself treasuring over the years - and for many more to come.

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14. Don’t fret so much about the future; it’s not really in your hands

You don’t know what’s going to happen five years from now. You just don’t. You don’t know where you’re going to work, whom you’re going to marry or even where you will find yourself living. Just do your best to work towards something you enjoy.

15. Stop over-analysing the past. What’s done is done. Move on

Seriously - “what if” and “if only” will only make you drive yourself crazy. You have to learn to let the small stuff go.

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16. Learn how to live in the moment

Enjoy the wind in your hair and the feeling of wiggling your toes! Enjoy the 4 a.m. late night talks with your best friend! Enjoy what your favourite meal tastes like. Stop taking everything for granted.

17. Listen to your gut!

God gave you a conscience for a reason. The little voice inside of you is there to guide you and help you out in tricky situations. Going against it time and time again will just make you lose out on your sense of self.

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18. Keep an open mind, hear the other side of the story - you’re just too young to be cynical

Sadly, life will do this to you anyway, but if you can cling on to rays of hope where you can - it won’t happen sooner than it needs to. Don’t make snap judgements about people just because other people tell you to! You have your own brain, do not be afraid to use it.

19. Start going to the gym, not for anybody else, but because metabolism is a b*tch

You might gain weight, you might not - but you’re never too young to implement a good, healthy regime and stick to it! You will feel energized and revitalized and it is a good use of your time.

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20. Whatever you put up online, is going to be there FOREVER. The internet does not lie

It’s true. While it may seem “oh, so cool” at the time, when you go for your first job interview and they ask you about that drunk picture, you will NOT feel a sense of pride and satisfaction.

21. Stop comparing yourself and your journey to everyone else's

They will choose paths you won’t and you will have experiences they won’t - at the end of the day, you just keep being you. Love yourself for it - it’s the best thing you can be!

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