19 Things Guys Want You To KNOW (Without Bringing It Up!)

19 Things Guys Want You To KNOW (Without Bringing It Up!)
There are some things that guys just expect you to know - and the thing is, they don’t seem to get that we aren’t mind readers! Just to help you out, we’ve put together a list of 19 things guys think - and really, really want girls to know - without ever bringing it up!

1. “Watching porn is harmless. Please make your peace with it?”

Ladies, the fact that he watches porn does not mean that he is “too kinky” or loves you any less. It's simply something he likes to watch - and maybe learn from!

2. “Get on top, baby!”

He is more than willing to let you exercise complete control in bed. At least once in a while!

3. “Masturbation and sex do completely different jobs”

Now, masturbation is an act that he practically grew up with. You can’t expect him to abandon it just because he is with you now. What he does when he’s on his own has NOTHING to do with his satisfaction levels in bed with you.

4. “Eating off food I ordered from MY plate is NOT cute - unless I offer it to you”

Face it, ladies - we’re kinda possessive about OUR plates too. Unless it’s a sharing platter, best to stick to your side of the table! ;-)

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5. “Girl, I LIKE that you're smart”

He loves you for the way you are - else he would not be with you! Playing down your intelligence is not adorable - your confidence is what makes you sexy!

6. “The Bro Code is for real”

Now, he’s probably had these friends in his life longer than he’s known you. Together, they might turn into a big group of lazy, shouting walruses... But come on, you know these men love your guy and make him happy. Accept them!

7. “You can have all the space you want - give me mine too!”

EVERYONE craves alone time. Try not to bombard him with probing questions about what he’s up to when he’s on his own. Hug him, and let him be.

8. 'My chest swells up two inches every time you cosy up to me in public.”

He loves the show of affection. He likes that the world knows that you love him.

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9. “I do look at other women - it’s only to appreciate female beauty in all its forms!”

There is a difference between looking and actively wanting to do something with someone who is not you. After all, wouldn’t you check out a seriously good-looking guy who suddenly pops up?

10. “I won’t kiss and tell!”

If he is likes you, he will never boast to even his closest bud the details of your night together. Though the jump in his step and that beaming face just might give them a clue about what’s been up!

11. “'I am NOT a mind reader”

Be clear about what you’re feeling and what you him to do, every step of the way.

12. “I may suck at everything else, but please occasionally tell me that I am great in bed?”

Just do it! It will make him feel happy AND try to double your pleasure. Total win-win for you!

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13. “Don’t just be my girlfriend - be my friend too”

Because, let’s face it, life is so much more fun and easier to live when you’re doing it with your best friend!

14. “If you talk to me while I am watching that game, I can’t give you sensible responses. CANNOT parallel-process”

Just wait for him to be done with it. Simple."

15. “Don't criticize me while I’m driving. It hits where it hurts the most.”

He has it under control. If not, get across the “I told you so” message LATER.

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16. “I am NOT always thinking about you.”

It’s OKAY if something you said or did slipped his mind. Don't make a big deal of it - unless it happens often enough to seriously impact your relationship.

17. “Bargain shopping time with sex later, and I'll be good.”

You gotta to tempt him with “candy”.

18. “99.5% of the time, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Explain to him what upset you. Then forgive and forget.


19. “I LOVE sex. There you have it.”

Yes, it’s true. Enjoy it - and appreciate his attentions to you in bed!

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