21 Things Every Girl With Big Boobs Will Get!

21 Things Every Girl With Big Boobs Will Get!
Having big boobs has its perks and perils. While strapless bras may not be our best friend, we can’t help but enjoy the fact that even when we’re just wearing a plain old white tee, we would never fade into the background! We bring you 21 things every girl with big boobs can relate to!

1. Strapless-bra-makers, have you heard of this wonderful thing called support?

big boobs 9

2. On the other hand, I don’t have to worry about my tube top not holding up! :-P

3. Hey, you perv! Stop staring at them, my face is up here!

big boobs

4. Not that I can blame you, though - they ARE pretty amazing, aren’t they? :-D

5. Shirt that fits my shoulders - buttons popping open. Shirt that fits my boobs - shoulders hanging down to my elbows. WTF, world?

big boobs

6. But hey, even if I’m wearing a boring old V-neck, I can still rock some cleavage like a diva!

7. Go braless? You’re JOKING, right?

big boobs

8. On the other hand, I don’t have to put in all that much effort into looking va-va-voom!

9. OMG, I might even need another sports bra to wear on top of the one I have on.

big boobs

10. But all I have to do to nail that shimmy is shrug!

11. Ugh, I’m sure at least a third of my weight is my boobs. I might need back-correction therapy when I’m old.

big boobs

12. Ah well, I’ll deal with that later - looking pretty damn fine right now!  *Checks self out in mirror*

13. What’s with the under-boob sweat all the time?

big boobs

14. Hmm. This bikini top - this is like nipple pasties for me. I probably need to wear a T-shirt on top of this for even half-boob coverage.

15. Can’t see my feet when I stand straight. Haha, I’m the Empress of Boob Wall Of China!

big boobs

16. Want to sleep on my stomach. Stop troubling me, boobs!

17. Buuuut, my guy does love using me as his pillow. :-D

Big Boobs

18. Why is it so hard to find a cute bra in my size?!

19. But what does the packaging matter, most guys I know are boob-guys anyway. *Smirk*

Big boobs

20. Um, this crossbody bag makes my torso look like a percentage sign!

21. But can’t really complain - almost every girl I know basically wants my rack! ;-)

Big boobs

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