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17 Things You Totally Get If You're The "Mom" In Your Group!

17 Things You Totally Get If You're The
Every group needs one - that one person who will always has a spare tissue to give out; the one who will always defend or argue on behalf of a friend; the one who binds the group together - the “mom” of the group. Where would we be without them? Here are 17 things you will totally get if you are the “mom” in your group of friends. (Wear your tag proudly!!)

1. You’re always the first person everybody comes to when they need anything: a Chapstick, a sanitary pad, hand sanitizer, tissues, gum, life advice.

mom type friend

2. Your bag literally has everything that anyone could possibly need at ANY given time. You just like to be well-equipped ;)

3. You’re always the one telling your friends to study for exams, do their homework, wake up on time etcetera etcetera (you even give them wake up calls if required). It's good to be disciplined, you know!

mom type friend

4. You always come with snacks for all - whether you’re just pre-gaming or going on a road trip together!

5. Your friends always turn to you first when they’re cold. They know you’re probably carrying a shawl or a cardigan. Even if you don’t have an extra one, you’ll give them yours anyway!

mom type friend

6. You’re always the one offering food and cleaning up at/after a party. Even when it's at a friend’s house.

7. Your friends know better than to eat diet food or rather small portions of food in front of you. They don’t want a lecture on nutrition now, do they! Come on, it’s important to eat balanced meals.

mom type friend

8. While most of your friends are planning which club to hit this weekend, you’re planning which new/historic place to explore in the city this weekend. History is adventure!

9. You have yours and all of your friends’ weddings planned out in your head. Venue, guest list, gifts - it’s all sorted out!

mom type friend

10. If you even remotely sense one of your friends being sad, you will not leave them alone till they spill out what's bothering them! Hey, it’s your job to cheer them up, AND give a little advice :)

11. Say what you may, house chores are fun!

mom type friend

12. If you’re heading for an outdoor activity, you will ALWAYS ask everyone if they have sunscreen on. You don’t want them burnt!

13. You make sure all your friends are well-hydrated and taken care of after a heavy night of drinking. Hangovers are not fun. Plus, you have brunch planned out for tomorrow!

mom type friend

14. Even if your friends’ parents are not okay with them being out late at night, knowing that you’re going to be there too comforts them!

15. After a night out, you always text your friends to ask if they’re home safe. And when they return from a trip, you’re the first one calling to find out how it was!

mom type friend

16. Your friends know you can fix just about anything! A stuck zipper, a broken nail, a terrible stain. You’ve got it!

17. Your friends know all too well that they would be completely lost without you! You bind the group together and keep it real. :)

mom type friend

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