10 Things Every Guy Should Know About Dating An Only Child!

10 Things Every Guy Should Know About Dating An Only Child!
There are some things that set an only child apart - and no, we're not talking about that cliche that she doesn't like to share her tiffin. (Be honest, who actually does?!) She's a girl who's grown up on her own, without being surrounded by a bunch of people close to her end - i.e., pesky brothers and sisters. So when it comes to romance too, she's a bit different. Here are a few things to know about being in a relationship with her!

1. She loves beyond reason

She learnt to love not from her brothers and sisters but from her parents. Which means, beyond reason. Not a squabbling, teasing kind of love, but a “You are mine, and I love you no matter what weird stunt you pull” kind of love.

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2. She doesn’t open up to people that easily

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It’s not what she is used to. So if she has opened up to you, know that you're special, and be happy about  it.

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3. She has plenty of feelings, but she doesn't often talk about them

After all, “I feel a little low today” is NOT an easy conversation to have with parents! She also knows, therefore, how to work her her feelings on her own - and sometimes only on her own. When that happens, don't accuse her of being distant or aloof; be. patient, and let her come to you.

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4. She will always take responsibility for herself

Because she’s always had to. No big or little brother or sister to hide behind or blame. If she fucks up, she will admit it. And if you fuck up, she will hold you accountable for it.

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5. She knows how to give

Because there is a lot of herself she has to give. Be prepared to accept and treasure it.

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6. She is fiercely independent

She spent a lot of time by herself growing up, and learnt to do stuff for herself - whether it's fixing a leaky tap or taking the bus back after a party. Don't think of herself as a damsel in distress, ever. And be ready to have your head bitten off if you patronize her with an “Oh, I don't think you can/ should do…” statement.

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7. She understands the art of pampering

Either because she was “spoilt” silly growing up, or because she missed out on the whole Rakhi gifts thing and learnt to value small, affectionate gestures by their absence. Be prepared for random gifts - just because she feels like spoiling you a little! And know that you will win her loyalty forever if you find out the right  way to spoil her a bit every now and then.

only child 7

8. She can be quite inflexible and opinionated about things

She didn't have to make constant adjustments with siblings as a child, after all. But she's also pretty fair and never petty about things. If you think she's being a bit unbending, talk to her about it gently. She will relent - and if she loves you, figure out how to adapt to you.

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9. Despite this, she's probably a very social creature when she is with a group of people

Whether she’s an extrovert or an introvert, she learnt how to talk to all kinds of people when growing up, because she almost always tagged along to every place her parents went! Even if she doesn't like someone too much, she knows how to spin a good conversation with them. And she knows just how to put other people at their ease.

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10. She doesn't trust easily. But when she does, it is absolute.

(Refer to point one.) Don't break her trust - you would break not only her heart but hurt her soul.

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