17 Things EVERY Girl With A ‘Baby’ Face Will Get!

17 Things EVERY Girl With A ‘Baby’ Face Will Get!
Having a baby face can have its struggles. But it has its perks too! Yes, we know, people pulling your cheeks beyond a certain age can be pretty annoying, but you have to admit that looking like a child can save your ass on so many occasions! Here are a few things every girl with a baby face will understand perfectly!

1. Going through the inconvenience of trying to convince a bouncer or bartender that you’re not just a high-school going girl who snuck in. My ID is legit, man!

Baby face 1

2. On the other hand, when you’re 60, you can still go to “young” people places like you own them. HAH!

3. Everyone at work just automatically assumes that you’re probably an intern! Hey, client, I’m RUNNING this meeting, okay? Okay.

Baby face 3

4. Whatever, you’re getting special attention and everyone is being super-nice! And you kinda have people willing to cut you an unusual amount of slack when you mess up for being so “young”.

5. When you say something totally serious, and people look at you and say “So cute!” UGH. I’m being serious, human. Go admire a puppy or something.

Baby face 5

6. You want to be taken seriously obviously, but hey that baby face has also gotten you out of a lot of trouble after you’ve said something totally silly!

7. People think pulling your cheeks is a totally appropriate gesture. Like, why? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

Baby face 7

8. You still end up getting all these little perks though. Aunties love giving you little presents every once in a while. And they keep forgetting your age and give you “pocket money”. :-P

9. When you meet someone new and they discover your age, you have to deal with their shocked reaction for a while.

Baby face 9

10. “I probably have great skin, huh?”

11. And on days you forget to put on makeup, people behave like they’re seeing an infant walking around!

Baby face 11

12. At least they don’t behave like they’ve seen a ghost, right? After all, you only look like a baby! Everyone loves babies!

13. People are constantly shocked if you tell them that you’re seeing someone or are married. “WHAT? You’re too young!”

baby face 13

14. And so you live in constant fear of looking WAY too young for your partner.

15. Okay, but admit it, you have SUCH an amazing puppy face that you can basically get your guy forgive you pretty much anything! ;-)

baby face 15

16. Your younger sibling isn’t exactly thrilled when everyone constantly thinks you’re the younger one!

17. But YOU kind of are thrilled because you’re still being given student discount at most places. Hell, YEAH!

baby face 17

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