"In A Bit, Darling!" 13 Times When Your Guy Just Has To Wait!

"In A Bit, Darling!" 13 Times When Your Guy Just Has To Wait!
There are some things that take priority in this world, even though they may seem trivial to our other halves! Whether it’s the latest episode of our favourite TV show, or catch-up time with an old, old friend - sometimes our guys just have to deal with the fact that they, for the moment, are kinda in the background. Here are 13 times that our men need to check it before they wreck it, and accept that we have other sh*t to do!

1. Eating chuski. Or any other form of frozen goodies.

It requires concentration, okay? Besides, ice cream melts. A man doesn’t.

things better than guys (13)

2. Parlour time

Listen up, yo. It’s not just about beautifying ourselves - it’s about being PAMPERED. And I can’t text you back while I’m getting my nails done! DUH.

things better than guys (11)

3. When your bestie calls or texts

No, really, it doesn’t matter if all she needs is to vent about her cramps, it’s URGENT.

things better than guys (6)

4. When Fawad Khan is on screen

No, boyfriend, no, don’t try talking to me now. You’re cute, yes, but not THAT cute.

things better than guys (2)

5. When there is food on the table

HELLO. So you see the fries and fried chicken in front of me?! Do not try and distract me right now. This is important.

things better than guys (3)

6. When you’re at work

I love you. But this is not a class I want to bunk. I actually have work that I enjoy. And a boss who can see me!

things better than guys (12)

7. When a new episode of Pretty Little Liars comes out...

No, I cannot wait till after I talk to you to watch it! I NEED to know what A did today!

things better than guys (7)

8. When an old friend is in town for a day

Two’s company and three’s a crowd - so, see ya tomorrow!

things better than guys (5)

9. When you’re planning your dream wedding on Pinterest

Listeeen, I might want to marry you, but THIS ain’t about you. So go away now.

things better than guys (10)

10. When you’re on the Xbox

You had your session in peace, now sit back and let me play FIFA. And your turn to call the pizza guy, okay?

things better than guys (8)

11. Ladies night

It’s about ME, getting drunk, with MY friends. Please go and have a boys’ night out or something.

things better than guys (1)

12. When your parents offer to take you shopping

This does NOT happen very often, so I have to cherish every moment, going to the mall now, okaybye.

things better than guys (4)

13. When you’re trying to sleep

Please leave me alone right now, I promise you THAT thing when I wake up!

things better than guys (9)

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