Aww! “The First Time He Told Me He Loved Me…”

Aww! “The First Time He Told Me He Loved Me…”
3 words, 8 letters. I love you. There are some majorly defining moments in a relationship, and having this little phrase spoken out loud is one of them. It’s something you remember, and something that changes everything! Your relationship has officially moved on to the next level. You’re invested, you’re in love! Do you remember the first time your guy said he loved you? Here are 8 girls’ confessions about the first time they heard this oh-so-coveted phrase!

1. "We were at school still, and there weren’t many chances to talk to each other and all, but one day he came to my school bus and just handed me a note. My heart was racing because I really, really liked him, but the note just said, 'Look outside'. I did - and he was standing there with an actual sign that said the words 'I love you!'."

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2. "I remember it so clearly! We had been dating for some time, and my mom had told me to invite him round for dinner - much to my dismay, because I didn’t want him to meet my family and for them to tell him embarrassing stories. Anyway, dinner was nice - of course, crazy stories about my childhood came out. I was mortified, I remember actually being scared about what he would think. I walked him to the door and he looked at me, smiled and said, “You know I love you, na?” I was the happiest I have ever been!"

3. "We used to talk on the phone all the time - about everything and everyone! He was actually my best friend. One night he drunk-dialled me, and we were doing our usual mindless chit-chatter - when he just blurted it out! He said “I love you”, and before I could even reply he said it, like, seven more times! “I love you, I love you, I love you…” Best phone call EVER!"

i love you phone

4. "God! It was so confusing! My boyfriend at the time had such a flair for the dramatic! He came to my house and called me to come outside, we were sitting in his car and he just wasn’t saying anything. I was going INSANE - I was just waiting for him to break up with me! And then he just turned to me, and in such a meek voice he said, “Umm… I really like you, actually the thing is… [dramatic pause] … I love you, is that cool?” So silly he was, but also such a cutie!"

5. It was raining, we were smiling, it was the perfect moment. I remember wishing that he would say it and he did. It was just as simple (and perfect) as that!

i love you rain

6. We had been dating for a whole year, and I finally decided I just couldn’t wait any longer. So, after losing it a bit and creating a big fuss, I said it first! He just looked at me like I was some sort of moron and said, “OH! That’s what all this was about? I love you too, na - didn’t know you wanted me to say it and all, but obviously I do!” IDIOT. He really does love me, though! <3

7. We had been set up by our parents and been made to go on the usual get-to-know you dates. I was SO not in the mood for this, but the more we met the more we talked and realized how much we had in common… And then we went for dinner one night, and while we were laughing and joking, he suddenly blurted out the three infamous words! I was zapped! He fell silent  and so did I - but then we both burst out into laughter again. That night we went back and told our parents we had decided we wanted to get married!

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8. He was dropping me home after dinner. It was winter and he had a long drive ahead of him - so I asked him to come in for coffee for a bit. While we were sitting on the couch, I actually dozed off with my head on his shoulder. I woke up when I heard him whisper “I love you” into my hair. I kept my eyes shut tight, in case he tried taking the words back! He “woke me up”, smiled at me, left. I only told him the next day, on the phone, that I’d heard him, and that I loved him too!

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