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#Aww: 21 Things Our Guys Do That Melt Our Hearts EVERY Time!

#Aww: 21 Things Our Guys Do That Melt Our Hearts EVERY Time!

There are so many things guys can do to woo a girl. On the other hand, there are quite a few things that girls love about guys when they’re just being themselves! Sometimes, it’s the little things that really count. Things they do unknowingly that are so thoughtful that it is impossible for us not to turn into complete mush balls in front of them! Here are a few sweet things guys do that totally melt our hearts! 1. When you’re super mad at them and they start talking in a very soft, soothing tone to get you to calm down. And now you’ve forgotten why you were mad in the first place! sweet things guys do 2. They grab your hand just randomly, and almost reassuringly, when you’re out together. :) 3. When they sense you’re stressed about something and they go beyond all measure to make you feel better. Whatever you need! Even though sometimes a long, tight hug is just enough. :) sweet things guys do 4. When you tell them you’re upset or have had a terrible day, they leave everything and rush to be by your side. Sometimes with chocolates or your favourite food in hand! Awww! 5. They treat your friends and family as their own! No “my family, your friends” business. sweet things guys do 6. It’s your birthday soon and they decide to make not just the day, but the whole week special for you! 7. When they send you a really funny or cute message in the middle of your work-day. You know they were thinking about you and you can’t stop smiling after! sweet things guys do 8. When they can see you’re cold (they’re probably cold too), and they put their jacket around you almost immediately. 9. When they sit patiently through rants about things they have absolutely no interest in. We’re pretty sure they don’t actually care about which one of your friends started this fantastic new diet! sweet things guys do 10. They know we’re probably not paying too much attention, but they will still take the pain of explaining their favourite sport to us. 11. When you’re at dinner or in any social situation with a large group of friends you don’t know too well, they make sure they give you special attention and include you in all their conversations. sweet things guys do 12. When you’re busy doing something and they suddenly hug you from the back. :) 13. When you find them playing or being generous with a child when they think nobody's really watching. sweet things guys do 14. On days you’re not really feeling your best, they go ahead and tell you how how beautiful you are! 15. When he sits through an entire evening with your girlfriends and you without a single complaint! Sometimes, he might even be enjoying it! Come on, you know what a bunch of girlfriends can be like together! sweet things guys do 16. When you put in extra effort to look your best and they’re so taken by how you look that all they can manage saying is “WOW”. 17. If there is something you absolutely dislike and they can see it’s making you visibly upset, they make an effort to change it. Hey, they might not succeed, but at least they try! :) sweet things guys do 18. When you’ve had a super-busy week and haven’t had the time to see each other, they randomly come and surprise you! 19. Bring us flowers (or chocolates!) for no reason. <3 sweet things guys do 20. When they don’t want to seem jealous or possessive (because they’re probably not), but they end up being all protective anyway. 21. When they bring back food after an outing you opted out of :) sweet things guys do GIFs: tumblr.com, giphy.com MUST-READ: #Aww: 19 Adorable Ways In Which Your Man Shows You His Love! MUST-READ: 15 Things Your Future Partner Wants You To Know Right Now!
Published on Jun 9, 2015
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