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#SmokyEyes: How To Get It Right Every Single Time!

#SmokyEyes: How To Get It Right Every Single Time!
If there’s one makeup move that manages to be classy-yet-uber-sexy, it’s the smoky eye. This eye makeup style can seriously turn you into a sultry goddess when done right. If you’ve always wanted to master this eye-popping look, but never quite have dared to, we’re here to make life easier for you. We give you a few simple smoky eye hacks to help you perfect it like a pro. From soft and subtle to mega drama - we help you rock the smoky eye look for every occasion!

1. Always Apply Primer

Your eyelids are the oiliest part of your face. So, before you even think about trying a smoky eye, your first step should be to apply a primer. You can even blend a liquid foundation over your eyes if you don’t have a primer, to keep it all in place and make it last longer.

smoky eye tips 1

2. Trick To The Classic Smoky Eye

Perfecting this sultry eye makeup classic isn’t as complicated as it seems. All you need is an eyeshadow palette with at least 2 shades of the same colour.

Step 1: Start by sweeping on the lighter shade across your lids. Also, blend the colour down to your lower-lash line.

Step 2: Add the darker colour from the outer edges of your eyelid to the centre. Blend it into the crease and into the lighter shade.

Step 3: Finish with some highlighter or white eyeshadow from the inner corner along your lower lashline to make your eyes really pop.

smoky eye tips 2

3. Use Just Kohl

You don’t always need loads of different eyeshadows. Sometimes, a black kohl pencil and a smudging brush can do the trick.

smoky eye tips 3

Step 1: Line your eyes with your kohl pencil. Draw a very thick line that reaches a little below the crease.

Step 2: Use your brush to smudge thoroughly.

Step 3: Line your lower lashline and smudge.

Step 4: Finish off your rocker chic look with some mascara.

You can try this with colourful eye pencils as well, if you don’t want black. We think navy blue would look fantastic.

smoky eye tips 3A

4. The Silver Smoky Eye

Because some sparkle never hurts!

Step 1: Brush on some silver eyeshadow from the inner corner to the centre of your lid.

Step 2: Apply dark grey eyeshadow from the centre to the outer corner and blend.

Step 3: Add a dash of black shadow to the outer corner and blend into the grey.

Step 4: Use sparkly white eyeshadow along your brow bone to brighten it up.

Step 5: Line your eyes with black eyeliner.

smoky eye tips 4

5. The Winged Smoky Eye

Add even more sex appeal to your look with some sultry wings!

Step 1: Once you’ve finished your smoky eye, just bring out a fresh wipe. Press it from the outer corner of your eye and gently rub towards the tip of your eyebrow.

Step 2: This will give you a winged effect with your eyeshadow. You can line it using a black eyeliner and draw flicks or leave it as it is.

smoky eye tips 5

6. The Everyday Smoky Eye

Of course, you can’t use bright or dark colours for the day, but you can still wear your favourite eye makeup look to office or for a lunch date. All you need is an eyeshadow that matches your skin colour, but with a little shimmer in it.

Step 1: Apply skin-coloured eyeshadow across your entire lid.

Step 2: Line your eyes with a black kohl pencil.

Step 3: Using a clean eyeshadow, brush or Q-tip, blend the kohl and the eyeshadow.

Step 4: Line your lower lashline as well and smudge it.

Step 5: Add some shimmery eyeshadow in white or gold to the inner corners to make your eyes pop.

smoky eye tips 6

7. The Subtle Smoky Eye

All you need is a kohl pencil in a colour of your choice. We think brown is good for an everyday look.

Step 1: Draw a hashtag (#) or ‘@’ on your lids next to the outer corner.

Step 2: Smudge it across your entire eye. Viola, you have a subtle, smudged look.

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