20 Simple Yet Life-Changing Tips For Healthier, Shinier Hair

20 Simple Yet Life-Changing Tips For Healthier, Shinier Hair
Let’s face it, ladies, there’s a direct relationship between how great our hair looks and how great we feel. And from getting regular trims to using the best products you can afford, you’ve probably tried everything for healthy, shiny locks - we know we have! So, we give you all the tips and secrets you will EVER need for strong, healthy and bouncy hair. They may be simple, but they are definitely life-changing. Go on, make those mane fantasies come true with these tips for healthy hair! 

1. NEVER heat style without applying heat protectant spray.

If you don‘t have any around, use a good serum at least to get shiny hair. It will act as a barrier between your strands and heat damage.tips for shiny hair 1

2. Make sure to always hold the blow dryer about six inches away...

So you don’t scald/damage your scalp.

3. Don’t even think about picking up your hairbrush when your hair is wet.

A wide-tooth comb to detangle your strands is a must; start working from the ends upwards. Only once your hair is almost dry should you use your brush - if you want to avoid breakage. 

4. Regular trims won’t necessarily make your hair grow faster…

But they will definitely lead to healthier hair and prevent damaged ends from splitting even further.

tips for shiny hair 2

5. Try and use shampoos and conditioners from the same line for better results.

They’re made with similar ingredients and complement each other, making them perfect to get shiny hair

6. Teasing your hair can lead to roughness.

Of course, it’s a quick way for instant volume and shiny hair, but try and restrict it to important occasions only.

7. Leave-in conditioners are a blessing.

They help tame curly or frizzy hair, plus leave your strands softer and fuss-free, especially during humid summer days. 

8. Every few washes, use a different shampoo and conditioner from your usual one.

It’s true that your locks become immune to the ones you use all the time, so swap them for different ones every now and then for better effect and shiny hair. 

tips for shiny hair 3

9. Steaming hot showers is what could be causing damage, roughness and frizziness.

Cool water or lukewarm water is much gentler on your locks.

10. Don’t use too many products.

Other than your shampoo and conditioner, a serum or leave-in should be enough. Using more than that could lead to flat, greasy and confused hair.

11. Look for shampoos made with essential oils...

Instead of harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens and silicones, which lead to damage, dryness and colour-fading. 

tips for shiny hair 5

12. Us long-haired girls can’t leave home without our hair ties, but make sure they aren’t too tight.

Also, remember that tight ponytails, braids and buns can lead to weakened strands, denying you shiny hair.

13. The sun’s rays don’t just have harmful effects on our skin, but on our hair too.

Sun exposure WILL lead to dryness, frizziness and brittle strands. Make it a point to sun-proof your mane by wearing a cute hat, using UV-protectant hair products like Wella Professionals Sun Protection Spray and staying clear of hair products that contain alcohol. 

14. Use a deep conditioning mask once a week...

To reverse damage and keep your locks moisturized.

15. Coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil work wonders for stronger, shinier locks.

So, once in a while, go old-school with a good old champi session. Also, products that contain argan oil or tea tree oil are equally amazing

tips for shiny hair 4

16. While colouring, going darker doesn’t take as much of a toll on the health of your hair as going lighter does.

Keep that in mind for your next colour appointment.

17. A diet rich in proteins and Omega-3 fatty acids as well as Vitamin B help give you super healthy hair.

For truly luscious locks, eating right is a must, so load up on daals, chicken, nuts, flax seeds, yoghurt and strawberries.

18. Stress has a direct link to hair loss!

So it’s important to relax and unwind for the sake of your sanity as well as your strands.

19. Embrace dirty hair and postpone that hair wash by another day.

Washing your hair daily is a big beauty no-no for drying out your strands. So stick to shampooing your hair 3 to 4 times a week. Did you know that braids and other cute hairstyles stay better in second-day hair

tips for shiny hair 6

20. Infuse your mane with proteins.

Whether it’s eating proteins, making an at-home egg mask or using products that contain keratin, they are essential for strong, shiny and healthy hair. 

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