#GirlBoss: 15 Signs You're A Natural Born Leader!

#GirlBoss: 15 Signs You're A Natural Born Leader!
You’ve always known you’re a little, well, different from the rest. And while this may have perplexed you growing up, there’s absolutely no need to shy away from this now. It only means that you are a hard-working, driven girl who knows her mind and isn’t afraid to speak it. Yep, that’s right! You are a natural-born leader and there’s no reason you shouldn’t own it!

1. Ever since you were a little girl, you remember wanting to do EVERYTHING in school, whether it was study or be in the many clubs or just go to fests at other schools! You name it, and you were there doing it!

born leader 1

2. You like winning. And if you don't, you're sure willing to try again!

3. You made sure you got to choose your role when all the kids were playing house-house!

born leader 3

4. Your siblings/cousins have brought it to your notice that you are a tough act to follow!

5. You are never afraid of hard work. You fully understand that it’s the only way you will achieve your goals!

born leader 5

6. You're more likely to post a motivational quote rather than a food pic!

7. You get to the point of getting obsessed with your goals, and sometimes have to remind yourself that it’s okay to slow down.

born leader 7

8. You set timelines for yourself, in every aspect of life!

9. You’ve been told that you can get a little competitive.

born leader 9

10. No wonder you’re compared to Monica all the time.

11. You hate naysayers or negative people who are always finding excuses to not do one thing or the other.

born leader 11

12. You always speak your mind – no matter what! It’s almost like second nature to you.

13. Even your friends know that when they ask for your opinion, they will get the real deal - unfettered and unadulterated. And they love you for it!

born leader 13

14. Even though you have your low moments – just like any other human being on this planet - you bounce back from them rather quickly.

15. You can’t wait till you become the boss someday!

born leader 15

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