OOPS! 25 Sex Myths We've All Been Guilty Of Believing!

OOPS! 25 Sex Myths We've All Been Guilty Of Believing!
Whether it’s old wives’ tales, what other people have told us or what we’ve seen in the movies, there are some sex myths that we’ve all kind of believed at some point or the other. But it’s about time we all separated out fact from myth! Here are 25 tall tales we’ve all been led to believe about the tantric act - and the truth of the matter!

Size Matters

1. Myth: The bigger his shoe size, the bigger his equipment will be!

Reality: You know what they say about a guy with big shoes, right?! They have big feet! There is no actual correlation between a man’s shoe size and the size of his penis.

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2. Myth: The bigger he is, the better!

Reality: After 4 inches, it really doesn’t matter how much more he has! The average female only has sensory nerves for arousal and orgasms up to 4 inches in - and most of the sensory nerves lie in the opening of the vagina itself!

On Top Of Things

3. Myth: If you want a boy, you should be on top!

Reality: Before you start painting everything blue, you should know that there are currently no studies to verify this theory!

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4. Myth: You won’t get pregnant if you’re on top

Reality: If you are having unprotected sex, in any position, chances are you could get pregnant!

Sexy Foods Vs Non-Sexy Foods

5. Myth: You are what you eat.

Reality: There’s no need to ditch the coffee just yet! There is no scientific evidence to suggest that the taste your fluids or his are affected by food and drink.

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6. Myth: “‘Love foods” or aphrodisiacs will double your pleasure in the bedroom

Reality: Placebo effect! In other words, if you believe that by eating oysters you will start to feel all tingly and aroused, you might just actually feel it! But in reality, aphrodisiacs have no provable effect on the libido.

First Things First

7. Myth: Your first time is going to kill!

Reality: It might, it might not. It depends on many things; has your hymen already broken, does your partner know what he’s doing, are you adequately aroused?

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8. Myth: You can’t get pregnant when it’s your first time.

Reality: You most certainly can! That’s as far as that one goes.

Better Safe Than Sorry

9. Myth: You’re pregnant! We can totally have unprotected sex!

Reality:  Although it is very rare, a condition called superfetation has been documented in humans a few times!

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10. Myth: If he pulls out before he’s finished, there’s no chance of getting pregnant!

Reality: Commonly referred to as the “withdrawal method” - even if a man pulls out before he ejaculates, chances are he has already left some pre-ejaculatory fluids - these carry traces of semen and could potentially get you pregnant.

11. Myth: Wearing two condoms means double the protection

Reality: Quite the opposite, actually. “Double bagging” just increases the friction between two condoms and leads to more possibility of one or both tearing. One is plenty!

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12. Myth: It’s no fun with condoms

Reality: The correct condom can enhance sex for both partners. A survey even found that 68 percent of men select the wrong size or shape of condom, and when they found the ideal fit, their pleasure skyrocketed.

13. Myth: Oral and anal sex are totally safe!

Reality: Wrong, wrong, wrong. Both of these variations can still lead to STDs! So put that condom on, yo.

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14. Myth: You can’t get pregnant during your period

Reality: It’s not common, but remember sperm can stay alive in your body for a whole SIX days after the event itself, so it’s best to still use a condom during this time.

15. Myth: If you have already had an STD, you can’t get it again

Reality: It’s not chicken pox, guys! If you have an STD, it’s important to tell your partner and for both of you to get it treated - otherwise you risk the infection coming right back the next time you have sex. Equally, you should keep getting tested whenever you have unprotected sex or start having sex with someone new.

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Mind Over Matter

16. Myth: Men think about sex every 7 seconds

Reality: Yes, men do think about sex - so do women. A study even found that men think about sex 19 times a day, food 18 times and sleep 11 times! So, there you go: it’s not only a one-track mind after all!

Let’s Get Physical

17. Myth: Sex is the best form of exercise out there!

Reality: Sex-ercise is a great alternative to the gym, true! But it’s not the most effective form of cardio out there - even an hour of intense pleasure making will burn you just 100 calories. Still, it’s better than nothing!

Girls Will Be Girls

18. Myth: Only men have “wet dreams”

Reality: Whilst the frequency is higher for men, women too have wet dreams!

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19. Myth: Only men watch watch porn.

Reality: More men might admit to it - but research conducted shows that up to 85% of women also watch porn!

20. Myth: Women don’t pleasure themselves!

Reality: Like the above myth, women might not readily admit to it, but masturbating is healthy and normal for both genders!

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The Big O

21. Myth: An orgasm is the most earth-shattering thing that will ever happen to you.

Reality: Just like penises, orgasms come in different sizes! Some are intense, some are minute, some are from intercourse alone, some take more work! Don’t fret - lay back and enjoy.

22. Myth: If it doesn’t sound like you’re enjoying it, then you’re probably not

Reality: We have the porn industry to thank for this one, ladies! Some women are vocal, some are not.

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23. Myth: Intercourse alone is enough to make you experience an orgasm

Reality: Not true, foreplay, people, foreplay! Roughly 75 percent of women never orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone.

24. Myth: Men can’t fake it

Reality: Whilst this is technically true, they can moan and scream in pleasure to make it seem like they are “finished” too!

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Practice Makes Perfect

25. Myth: Great sex comes naturally!

Reality: This one’s pretty much on you and your partner! It takes time to know what gets one another going and hey, the best way to do that is to keep...doing IT!

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