9 Times In Your Relationship When You Need To Have "A Talk"

9 Times In Your Relationship When You Need To Have "A Talk"
When two people come together to form a relationship, they make their own version of ‘normal’ as they go along. And frankly, that’s the best way to do it! We totally stand by the fact that the two of you should have your own unique ways of doing things. Having said that, when it comes to issues (everyone has them, so it’s nothing to feel bad about), there are some that need to be addressed. And this is just standard procedure for any healthy relationship! It’s a way to ensure it lasts longer, way longer.

1. If you are feeling neglected by him

This one’s a very common relationship issue. It’s easier said than done, we understand, but you need to address this one with your boy. He may not even realize that he’s not giving you enough attention or time! So, give him the benefit of the doubt and speak up! Remember, there’s absolutely nothing a healthy discussion cannot resolve.

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2. If you feel he's too "jealous" for your comfort

A little harmless jealousy is actually not a problem at all! But when that jealousy crosses a thin line, and he becomes suspicious of your every move, you need to pause and address the problem. In the long run, the relationship will only work out if the two of you are secure about each other. You may need to explain to him how you are absolutely loyal towards him and that he has nothing to fear!

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3. If you feel he doesn’t have your back

Have there been instances where you feel let down by him? Did he put you down in front of your friends? Did he not stand up for you when the time came? Then it’s absolutely necessary you show him the error of his ways! You need to be with someone who is with you all the way – and that also means being supportive in the times that you need him to be. It’s imperative that you discuss with him how you expected him to be there for you!

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4. If you feel like you’re the only one making compromises

Even though it’s deemed an ugly word, the truth is that all great relationships require both partners to make some compromises to be together. But if you feel the balance is totally off and it’s only you who is trying, then you guys must sit and talk about it. Even if you try to ignore it, it will come up sometime in the future!

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5. If you feel money matters are getting in the way

This is such a sensitive topic and yet one that actually affects all of us. Yes, we are going there! It’s not uncommon that in the dating phase of your relationship, you both could have a very different outlook towards money. Even your cash flow could vary depending on which stage of life you are in – studying or working. This doesn’t have to become a negative thing between the two of you. The key is to not try and brush this conversation under the carpet. Have a mature discussion about whatever you feel – whether you can or cannot keep up with his lifestyle. Trust us, this one move will cement your relationship and make sure things are smooth-sailing from this point!

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6. If you feel a lack of respect

The boy in your life must respect you and those who are important to you – period. Imagine marrying a man someday who has zero respect for the people in your life! Trust us when we say, that’s one thing that’s non-negotiable. This is an issue that the two of you must talk about and you need to let him know that this affects you and hurts you deeply. If he loves you, he will do something about it!


7. If you feel he doesn’t value your opinions

It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, does or thinks – the man you are seeing must seek your opinion and value your advice. It doesn’t matter if you are younger or maybe even inexperienced, compared to him; he shouldn’t dismiss whatever you are saying. Over time, you will start feeling unimportant if this continues. You are one empowered woman, babe - your opinion matters!

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8. If you feel like you’re being blamed for everything that’s going wrong

Things go wrong and fights happen in all relationships, there’s no need to play the blame game by either of the partners. What’s that thing they say about clapping with one hand? Right! So, sit him down and talk to him about it, calmly.

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9. If you feel like the romance is fading...

Most people shy away from this conversation – yet it’s one of the most important ones! We deserve romance, we thrive on romance; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! It’s common that after some time together, the romance tends to dwindle and monotony sets in. But here’s the trick that all happy couples have figured out - they don’t let the romance die. So, if you’ve been feeling taken for granted or unloved…LET HIM KNOW! It doesn’t make you silly or childish. It makes you a woman who knows what she’s worth. :)

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