#YouGoGirl: 9 Reasons Why It's OKAY To Be A Girl Who "Dates" | POPxo

#YouGoGirl: 9 Reasons Why It's OKAY To Be A Girl Who "Dates"

#YouGoGirl: 9 Reasons Why It's OKAY To Be A Girl Who "Dates"
Dating may not be easy, or even something a lot of us are comfortable with - whether it is because we absolutely dread those awkward silences, are too shy to meet a completely new person or just because the word “date” scares us. Trust us though, when we say, it definitely has its pros! If you’ve often contemplated whether or not the dating world is for you, here is the good news - we make it simpler for you to decide! Here are some amazing reasons why dating is something you ought to give a shot!

1. It helps you figure out what you’re looking for

Knowing what you want in a relationship doesn’t come easy. Dating enables you to meet new people and understand how different people look at and understand things about life and relationships. This, in turn, helps you better understand what you want and what you are looking for. why you should date

2. It enables you to know yourself better

While figuring out what kind of a relationship you want and what you would want from it is important, what is also important is knowing what you don’t want. When you date someone, it gives you perspective on what you are or are not okay with as an individual.

3. Because dating a person before getting into a relationship with them is always helpful

Yes, it is natural to actually get to know one another and figure out each other’s likes and dislikes as time progresses, but dating them before getting into a relationship with them gives you a better idea of who they are as an individual. This is really great especially when you’re thinking they could be your long-term partner! why you should date

4. You get to try out new things and meet new people

Dating is a great way to meet new people and learn new things. You never know who you might click with and what they could teach you!

5. Imagine all the new restaurants or bars you’ll get to try out!

Yes! Who doesn’t want to try out all the swanky, new eating and drinking joints around town. Now, it would be slightly sad to do it on your own all the time, wouldn’t it - of course, given that your friends are not up to it every time you are. Going on dates is a great way to try out all the places you’ve been thinking of trying. And hopefully, in great company! why you should date

6. It’s a great way to work on your communication

Meeting new people and having conversations with them definitely helps you improve your own communication. Each person is different and is bound to have different interests and hobbies. Talking to them and hearing about different things expands your knowledge base and makes communication with all sorts of people easy.

7. It helps you prepare mentally for an actual relationship

While you may think you’re completely prepared to be in a long-term relationship, how will you ever know for real if you don’t dip your toes in the water? Dating gives you an idea about the things that do go on in an actual relationship - the good and the not so good. It helps you ease into the process of starting out in a new relationship. why you should date

8. It can be a super fun experience!

Meeting someone, liking them and then hanging out with them without the pressure and expectations of a real relationship is actually great fun. You never know where it might actually go, but that is what makes it so exciting!

9. You might just meet someone you fall in love with!

If you never try, you’ll never know, right? You never really know whom you might meet when you do decide to date. Your knight in shining armour could be just around the corner! why you should date Images: TumblrGiphy * This post is brought to you in association with TrulyMadly. Download the app on Android or iPhone or Windows, and meet verified like-minded singles in your city.