8 Reasons Why Waxing At Home Is ALWAYS A Good Idea!

8 Reasons Why Waxing At Home Is ALWAYS A Good Idea!

Embarrassing and unwanted body hair is something every woman struggles with. But before you book your next parlour appointment, you may want to consider performing your waxing job yourself. Yup, DIY waxing can be so much more convenient - you’ve got to try it to believe it. If you’ve ever been a bit apprehensive about waxing by yourself, these pros of waxing at home will change your mind. Getting smoother legs just got a lot easier!

1. You Can Do It Whenever You Want

Veet waxing 1 Just scored a hot date or have an impromptu ladies’ night plan? Don’t worry, a hairy situation needn’t come in your way of restricting your legs to pants instead of that hot dress you wish you could wear. Instead of begging and pleading your neighbourhood salon to give you a last-minute appointment, or not even having enough time to trek to the parlour, you can just whip out some ready-to-use wax strips and take matters into your own hands.

2. It’s Less Messy

veet waxing 2 One of our favourite things about Veet’s Cold Wax Strips is that it’s fuss-free and doesn’t come with the extra stress of having to heat the wax or spreading it on with a knife. Which means, it’s less messy. All you’ve got to do is place the ready strip on the area and pull in the opposite direction of your hair growth. And remember to keep the strip as close to your skin as possible instead of pulling it outwards.

3. You’re Saved From A Lot Of Embarrassment

This is especially true for everyone who cringes at having to lie back in your underwear while your parlour-waali waxes you, or even when you’re having a bikini line wax done. When you’re doing it yourself, you’re spared from that embarrassing experience, which you’ve usually had to endure every single month up till now.

4. It’s Much More Affordable

Veet CWS 4 We all know that salons aren’t cheap. You’re likely to spend anywhere between Rs 400 to Rs 2,000 when you visit the parlour for your waxing appointment. DIY waxing with Veet Ready To Use Waxing Strips will ensure you save a whole lot of money by doing it yourself. You don’t have to worry about getting the wax that suits your skin either, because Veet’s Cold Wax Strips come in three different variants - for dry skin, normal skin and sensitive skin.

5. You Can Stop And Take A Deep Breath

You know when you’re getting waxed and the lady is ripping at your skin while you yelp away in pain? When you do it yourself, you can stop for a second take a deep breath, unlike when your waxer is on a rampage and ripping away at your skin.

 6. You Can Take Extra Care

Since it is your skin you are waxing, you’re bound to be extra gentle and soothing than someone else who waxes you. Plus, you can take your time and check and re-check if you’ve left any patches or stray hair behind. No hurry, no parlour-waali judging you! Veet CWS 7

7. Hygiene Is Not An Issue

When in a salon, you can’t help but think about how many people that wax knife has touched, or if that salon gown is actually new or washed properly. And don’t even get us started on those towels! At home, however, you can give those hygiene worries a rest. Using our own towels or gowns just gives us so much more peace of mind!

8. You Don’t Have To Wait For “Full Growth”

You absolutely have to wear that cute skirt to the social do in the evening, but the between-waxes phase just doesn’t seem to end! Sound familiar?  Veet Ready To Use Waxing Strips just made life simpler for you, thanks to their ability to wax out hair as short as 1.5 mm! So, you’re skirt-ready any time of the month!

A Few At-Home Waxing Tips:

Use Baby Powder: Before you begin waxing, make sure you clean your skin with soap and water and pat dry thoroughly for a more effective wax. Don’t Wax An Area More Than Twice: It could lead to redness and irritation. If you’re hair is being stubborn in one area, wait till your next wax to take it off, or use a tweezer instead. Don’t Wax As Well As Shave: Going back and forth between waxing and shaving will definitely lead to ingrowths. Stick to one form of hair removal only, even if you have to be patient about your hair growing long enough to wax off. Aftercare: After waxing, clean away any wax left on your skin with wipes. In case you run out of wipes, you can also use a baby oil and then rinse thoroughly with water. *This is a sponsored post for Veet Cold Wax Strips. Watch the video here. Images: Shutterstock