7 Reasons You Need To End That Cold War With Your Bestie NOW

7 Reasons You Need To End That Cold War With Your Bestie NOW
No matter how many friends you end up making in life, your bestie remains irreplaceable - someone who is always there for you and knows exactly how to make you feel better! You always have the BEST time when you’re together, but then there are times when you’re upset with each other. And hence, the “cold war” ensues. But, JUST because you miss her so much, here are 7 good reasons for those times and for you to end that cold war with your bestie!

1. No one can give you that kind of unconditional support

Whether you’ve had a rough day at work, a fight with your boyfriend or a spat at home - you know just whom to call to get your morale back up. And on most occasions, she’ll be at your doorstep as quickly as she can be to cheer you up. And if she can't, you can be sure she will drop everything else and be with you on the phone for as long as you need. Where else will you find that!?

stop fighting with your friend

2. Because you never need to fake being someone else when you’re with her, EVER!

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And who doesn’t need that, right? The world is pretty chaotic and we do, from time to time, have to put on a facade. Isn’t it nice in all of this to have someone you can be completely be at ease with? Yes, we mean sweatpants, crazy, unbrushed hair, just doing what you want! Basically being the way you would be when you’re on your own. You know there is no way you’re going to be judged for anything that you say or do.

3. She always gives you a reality check regardless of what anyone else says

She has no ulterior motives or agenda. She only wants what's best for you. So, even when there are other people telling you to go for it and make a possibly silly decision, you can count on her for looking you in the eye, shaking her head and telling you to your face if she thinks you’re wrong. She never wants to hurt your feelings, but she knows you well and she will tell it exactly like it is.

stop fighting with your friend

4. She will be right there when you’re down and need a self-esteem boost

Everyone needs someone in their life who thinks they are important. Someone who wants our opinion on things and who values our company. You know you and your bestie both do that for each other. So, everytime you’re down in the dumps, you know there is always your bestie who thinks you’re among the greatest people in the world! If that doesn’t give you a self-esteem boost, what will?!

5. Loyalty, all the way

You know you would do anything for your bestie, as would she for you. Your best friend won’t let anyone hurt you or let anything bad happen to you if it’s in her power! You are loyal and fiercely protective when it comes to each other. You may be fighting, but you can be sure she’s still standing up for you even when you’re not around. :)

stop fighting with your friend

6. No one knows you the way she does. After all, she is family.

No one will ever be able to understand you the way your bestie does. She knows why you feel the way you feel and why you do the things you do. She understands your thoughts and actions like they are her own. That's why she does such a great job at being there for you!

7. Because you can’t find a better shopping partner!

Come on, do we really need to say anything about this one? No one else is going to give you a better and more honest opinion on what does and doesn’t look great on you. Or rather, what you will and will not actually end up wearing! Plus, it’s just not the same going shopping without her!

stop fighting with your friend

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