K, Dunno, Whatever: 10 One Word Replies That Drive Us CRAZY!

K, Dunno, Whatever: 10 One Word Replies That Drive Us CRAZY!
We live in a world where we use SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram more than we talk to people face to face. And living in this digital fortress of a world has led us to use certain words as responses more often than we realize. They are annoying as hell and drive us up the wall, but who are we even kidding…WE ALL DO THIS!

1. K

That annoying moment when a person couldn’t even bother to type out 3 more characters to sound sane. Like, all we get is a single letter? Really?

One Word Responses 1

2.  Hmmm

That’s not even a word, it’s a sound! And it’s the most non-committal sound in the universe. What is it even supposed to mean? Huh?

One Word Responses 2

3.  Whatever

That word you use when all other words fail to describe how little you care about what the other person has just said. It could also mean you have no other intelligent, valid response. Whatevs to you too.

One Word Responses 3

4.  Dunno

Also spelt as “donno”. A lazy abbreviation used by people when they are in a hurry or don’t really want to dignify your question with a response.

One Word Responses 4

5.  Fine

The word every girl uses when she’s mad at Bae and doesn’t want to really talk about it. The passive aggressive “fine” is a common response to give, whether you are okay or not okay with what has been said. Such multi-tasking words, we tell you.

One Word Responses 5

6.  Ya

Not yes, not yeah, just ‘Ya’. Queen’s English did not factor in laziness!

One Word Responses 6

7.  Wassup

Also “Waddup”. How hard is it to say “What’s going on with you?” or “How are things?” or “What’s up with you?” Not that hard, right? That’s what we thought! And then there are those who can’t even bother to go beyond “Sup”.

One Word Responses 7

8.  Okies

Let’s add more letters to Ok, and not make them “ay”. Let’s instead sound like a giggly ten-year old girl who think unicorns exist and that clouds are made of cotton candy! Okies?

One Word Responses 8

9.  LOL

The most common response to any text in the world, LOL is the basic reason we have trust issues. Because, bro, are you really Laughing Out Loud? In fact, are you even laughing at all?

One Word Responses 9

10. Kewl

Because “cool” wasn’t a ridiculous enough response as it is, we had to go and modify it to a spelling that defies all signs that we ever took dictation in school! Or we even went to school, for that matter.

One Word Responses 10

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