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10 People We CAN'T Live Without (And Shouldn't Even Try To!)

10 People We CAN'T Live Without (And Shouldn't Even Try To!)
There are people in our lives that we absolutely need and cannot do without. The first people that really come to mind when we say this is of course our parents, our best friends, our siblings, our boyfriends, so on and so forth. All the obvious people! But then there are also those people in our lives that we may not immediately think of, but absolutely CANNOT do without! We could try but, honestly, we probably wouldn’t get too far.

Here is a list of all the non-obvious people in our lives that we actually need!

1. Your Hairstylist

Seriously, who else would understand that a good hair day can actually really make your month?! Thanks for all those amazing hair tips. I really want to use them some day!

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2. Your Parlour Lady

God bless her for coming all the way to your house only to make sure that you are hairless and soft and smooth! Also, sorry for all that screaming and shouting (and everything you have to see)!

3. Neighbourhood Massage Lady

Only this nice woman would wake up that early in the morning to come and help you feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated. You never sleep better or feel more relaxed than when she comes over (in a completely non creepy way).

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4. Your Office Help

What would you do without the tea and coffee he brings you at just the right time every day?! Seriously, you’re so close to crying or biting someone’s head off, and there he is! Magically there, just at the right moment.

5. The Multitasking Cooking And Cleaning Lady

You just want to hug her because - let’s be honest - what would your house even look like without her? Probably a youth hostel. And what would you look like? A super hungry or overfed with junk human who has no clean clothes to wear any more.

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6. The Guy At The Grocery Store Who Has All Your Things Delivered

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I would probably never have any sort of food items in my house if it weren’t for you.

7. The Guy Who Works At Your Favourite Restaurant

Whom you have now befriended! We all need special (and free) home delivery from time to time! Also, that complementary dessert is pretty damn good.

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8. The Guy Who Fixes Everything

He fixes your ACs, your blocked pipes, your TV and even your phone. Life without him would be like life in the jungle! :-P

9. The Person Who Owns That Little Stall Outside Your Office Or College

For the times you have forgotten to carry cash, which is basically always, he has let you pay him later (sometimes WAY later than is appropriate). And he always gets your chai or Maggi just right!

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10. Your Very Own Chaat Waala

He knows exactly how much masala you want in your chaat and how spicy you like your bhelpuri ! He even has that special nimbu paani you love so much. :)

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