"He's My Hero!" This One's For You, Dad!

"He's My Hero!" This One's For You, Dad!
Your oldest friend, your first (and truest) real-life hero, the one person who’s always there to pick you up and protect you from the world - no matter how old or “grownup” you are. Yes, we’re talking about your dad! And OUR dads! And what better way to pay him tribute this Father’s Day than by singing him our feelings?!

Check out the amazing #MotoDadTunes campaign by Motorola that celebrates our love for our dads with India’s first-ever crowdsourced Father’s Day song! Watch the super-funky band Man.Goes Human play the first few lines of what promises to be an adorable tribute to dads everywhere - and you can add your own words to it too!

Just dedicate a line to your dad with the hashtag #MotoDadTunes on Facebook or Twitter, and let Man.Goes Human add it to their song that they perform live on 21 June (which is World Music Day too, by the way!) And, what’s more, you also get the chance to win a MotoE!*

Go on, get writing already! (And LOVE you, dad!)
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This is a sponsored post for Motorola.