#OwnIt: 11 Message Tees To Tell The World What YOU Can't!

#OwnIt: 11 Message Tees To Tell The World What YOU Can't!
Life can be difficult sometimes! Especially since we can’t always tell people what exactly we’re thinking. After all, we have jobs to retain and friends to not piss off. But we have a solution - slip on a graphic tee that speaks your mind! Here are our fave ones!

1. Things I Love Tee

message tees 1

Those super-awkward first dates when you really don’t know what to say would be so much easier with a tee that says everything for you! But, jokes aside, it’s a tee that gives positive vibes and the promise of a great day when you really need one!

Price: Rs 939. Buy it here.

2. Oscar Wilde Muscle Tee

message tees 2

Express your geeky side with a Oscar Wilde quote! We might love grooving to Katy Perry & Taylor Swift all the time, but we still hold our classic literature really close to us! And, seriously, who DOESN’T want the best in life?

Price: Rs 999. Buy it here.

3. Batman Muscle Tee


No words needed for this - sometimes you just NEED to be Batman. Right, girls?

Price: Rs 939. Buy it here.

4. Moody Graphic Tee

message tees 4

Not in the mood, and not afraid to let people know it! We just love the thought of pointing to it when someone tries to waste our time. (Perpetual pointing maybe, ugh!)

Price: Rs 939. Buy it here.

5. Street-Chic Cropped Sweatshirt

message tees 5

The classic end-of-the-month sweatshirt, when you’ve spent all your money on food and shopping and are counting down the days to your next pay-cheque!

Price: Rs 1,219. Buy it here.

6. No 1 Cares Graphic Tee

message tees 6

You’re too nice to say it to your that random dude’s face, but did he really think you wanted to hear that story about what annoying thing his girlfriend did last week, but of course everything is all sunshine and daisies now? Nope, sorry, please stop.

Price: Rs 939. Buy it here.

7. Jealous 21 Women's Printed Powerpuff T-Shirt

message tees 7

Why shouldn’t we love this one? We break stereotypes every day, but sometimes, some people still need a reminder to get off their high horse and get real.

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

8. Yepme Women's White Cotton Graphic Tee

message tees 8

Work it, girl! The T-shirt is basically what we want to do, but we’re controlling ourselves until we’re in the privacy of our rooms. Especially when it’s almost the weekend!

Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

9. Yepme Women's Cotton Single Jersey Graphic Tee

message tees 9


Can I get an Amen?! Shoes DO speak louder than words, people of the world. (Of course, you’ll have to make sure you’re wearing a spectacular pair of shoes with this tee, otherwise it’s totally wasted!)

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

10. UCB Women's Printed T-Shirt

message tees 10

Maybe for totally random and weird reasons, but this one is one of our faves! Maybe because all of us say this in our heads so often? Loaded with sarcasm, duh.

Price: Rs 1,189. Buy it here.

11. Yepme Women's Cotton Single Jersey Graphic Tee

message tees 11

This T-shirt is being saved for those awesome Friday nights when you couldn’t be bothered to stay sober! Why shouldn’t the whole world know how you feel?!

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.
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