9 Things About Dating That EVERY Introvert Will Get!

9 Things About Dating That EVERY Introvert Will Get!
The dating game is hard…and so much harder when you’re an introvert! Whether it’s about making the first move or the whole process of playing out romantic situations when you’re in a relationship, here are a few dating challenges only an introvert will get!

1. You cannot “just go up to him and say hi!”

No. It may be easy for other people, but going up to a guy you like and saying hi is the stuff that your nightmares are made up of.  So stuff, it well-wishers, not gonna do it!

introvert dating 1

2. You sometimes wonder: why can’t ALL dating just happen online?

You can be so much fun and flirty so EASILY in texts and emails! In real life, it takes WAY longer to really open up to a guy, especially if you want to say something risque!

introvert texting

3. A lot of time the object of interest thinks you’re just quiet because maybe you don’t want to talk to him

Which sucks, because you TOTALLY want to talk to him! You just can’t help not being the “I am ready to share my every thought and innermost feeling right NOW” kind. Seriously, extroverts, how do you do it?!

so hard

4. And then there are the times when boys think you’re not interested AT ALL

Which is the absolute worst! I like you so much, cute guy - I’m just shy! Just wait for me to figure out a way to get the message across!

introvert not interested

5. You need space in your relationship. A lot of space.

You could be madly in love with someone, and still need plenty of “alone time” or you will get super cranky. Hey, it doesn’t mean I don’t like hanging out with you - I just like thinking about stuff by myself too!

introvert convert

6. You hate it when someone tries to “convert” you into becoming an extrovert

Your personality is who you are, if someone tries to make you a different person (whether it’s your guy or your friends), they’re never going to succeed. Listen, I love you, but if you don’t stop with this conversion stuff, I will break up with you!

introvert socialzing

7. You prefer quieter dates

Yes, parties are fun, but only every once in a while. You’d much rather be curled up at home with your boy - and some hot chocolate followed by some steamy making-out.

introvert dating

8. Your boy is sometimes confused as to what your silence means

He wonders whether you’re upset or angry, when it means the exact opposite, that you’re totally at peace with him. Boyfriend, this silence is comfortable, not awkward! I PROMISE to tell you if there’s something actually wrong.

introvert confused

9. You do NOT understand PDA

Guys, it’s embarrassing! Everyone can see what we’re doing! This stuff between us is private! PRIVATE!

ugh couple

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