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#GirlOnTheGo: 7 Super-Quick Beauty Fixes To Swear By!

#GirlOnTheGo: 7 Super-Quick Beauty Fixes To Swear By!
If you’re ALWAYS running late or are in a rush to get out the door and suddenly spot yourself in the mirror only to realize you don’t look as fabulous as you’d thought, don’t fret. We give you some brilliant instant beauty fixes to turn around any catastrophe without you having to break out into a sweat. No angry pimple or flat hair day can come in your way of looking fantastic now!

1. Beauty Emergency: No Time To Wash Your Hair

Greasy locks and flat hair that are in desperate need of some bounce and life can really put a downer on your mood and confidence on a busy morning. Oh, and let’s not even talk about smelly hair! The Quick Fix: Reach for your dry shampoo, of course. If you don’t have a bottle at hand, that’s okay too! Just use some baby powder instead. Flip your hair down, dust some onto your roots and parting and brush or tousle with your fingers. When you flip your hair back up, it’ll be bouncier, revitalized and will be smelling so much fresher! Instant Beauty Fixes 1

2. Beauty Emergency: Dull Skin

Sometimes, a hectic week, lack of sleep or over-exposure to sun can show up in the form of dull, blemished skin. The Quick Fix: What can we say, a great BB cream is like a magic wand for brightening up dull skin. We love Pond’s BB Cream for helping your skin look fresh, like you got plenty of beauty sleep the previous night! Plus, it covers up those blemishes while providing SPF coverage, minus the cakey effect of foundation. Instant Beauty Fixes 5

3. Beauty Emergency: Puffy Eyes

Tired-looking puffy eyes and bags are never a good look. If you haven’t gotten enough sleep or cried a river, and it shows, you need to do some damage control. The Quick Fix: One trick is to store used tea bags in your fridge and then place them on your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes when needed. But if you haven’t got any used ones in your fridge when you need them (how many of us really do?), you can place a slice of cucumber over each eye for a few minutes. Cucumbers contain antioxidants to fight wrinkles and aging as well as help de-puff your eyes and leave them looking super fresh and alert. Instant Beauty Fixes 3

4. Beauty Emergency: An Angry, Red Zit

Nothing can be more horrifying than waking up to a bright red pimple the day of an important event or meeting. It can make any of us want to curl back and hide under the covers till it disappears. The Quick Fix: Whatever you do, do not squeeze or pop it. Don’t even touch it! Take a cube of ice and hold it on the zit for a few minutes, it will reduce the redness and swelling instantly. Then you can use your makeup to cover up what’s left of it.

5. Beauty Emergency: Smudged Lipstick

If a bold pout is your signature look, you’ve probably experienced what it’s like when it bleeds onto the surrounding skin or when you accidentally smudge it. A dark colour can stain your skin and be difficult to rub off without messing up the rest of your makeup. The Quick Fix: A BB cream in your purse will always come to your rescue. Just dab some on to cover up a stubborn lipstick stain in a jiffy. We love the Pond’s BB Cream for the purpose, since it doesn’t get smudged easily. Instant Beauty Fixes 8

6. Beauty Emergency: Clumpy Mascara

You’ve applied too much mascara and now your lashes look clumpy and spidery instead of long and thick. Who has the time to take it all off and apply it again? The Quick Fix: Just take an old mascara wand and wash it clean. Then just run it through your lashes to get rid of all those thick clumps in seconds.

7. Beauty Emergency: An Oily Shine

A natural glow is what we want, but a greasy sheen is what many of us end up with, especially on a long, warm day. And adding more powder will only lead to that unattractive pancake look. The Quick Fix: Blotting paper is what you need. Carry some around in your purse and use them to blot your face and soak up all that sweat and excess oil without ruining all your makeup. Instant Beauty Fixes 7 Images: Shutterstock *This is a sponsored post for Pond's BB Cream. Ponds BB cream Banner