Sweep Her Off Her Feet! Here's How You Woo a Gemini Girl

Sweep Her Off Her Feet! Here's How You Woo a Gemini Girl
It’s the month of the Gemini girl. So if you are planning to woo a Gemini woman, be ready to keep up with her multi-faceted nature! Highly versatile, she is capable of displaying different traits at different points of time. But each side of her personality is equally arresting and intriguing! If you're ready for quite the ride, a Gemini girl is the one for you! “Good looking” is not something Gemini women care about much - they look for far more than that in a person they could be with! Here are some words of wisdom for you if you’re trying to woo a Gemini girl!

1. Always be ready for some fun, spontaneous action

You should know that Gemini women are super-adventurous and basically unstoppable! One minute you could be cuddling and watching a movie together on the couch, and the next you’re out on a spontaneous road trip. She knows how to keep things exciting!

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2. Conversation, conversation, conversation!

We cannot emphasise enough her need to have great, deep, engaging conversations! It doesn’t always have to be a super “intellectual” conversation, it could be light and fun - but keeping her engaged and holding her attention through your ability to spin a tale is key!

3. Steer clear of a monotonous routine

The Gemini woman thrives on variety, especially in her love life, and is not one for a  monotonous routine. Create an ongoing sense of excitement and make sure to keep this girl (romantically) on her toes! Surprise her every once in a while - as she is sure to surprise you!

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4. Know that while she loves being around you, she also loves her space

Acting overly possessive with a Gemini won’t go down too well with her! She will run a mile from anyone who tries to tie her down in terms of her personality and the choices she makes. So remember, there is simply no scope for you to act or feel jealous! If you’re in her life, it's because she truly enjoys being around you. If she didn’t like you, she’d be with someone else!

5. Show her that you trust her

While she may not come right out and say it, if she’s with you, she is WITH you. A Gemini woman might not always be the first one to discuss her feelings and come out and tell you exactly how she feels. However, she is honest and loyal and appreciates people who acknowledge and understand that. So show her your trust - and allow her to reciprocate in kind. :-)

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6. Intrigue her with your wit, and make her laugh!

Far more important than anything else for a Gemini is a sparkling personality and a great sense of humour. If you can make her laugh and use your words well, you’re one step closer to her heart!

7. And don’t be afraid to flirt with her!

Add to that some silly banter, fun teasing and some great comebacks (non-cocky ones - she won’t put up with arrogance!) and you’ve just earned yourself some brownie points. Build on that, charm her, and you’re all set! ;-)

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