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Yikes! Have You Been Using Your Deo WRONG This Whole Time?!

Yikes! Have You Been Using Your Deo WRONG This Whole Time?!
Ladies, let’s face it: after air-conditioners and cotton clothes, our next-best all-day friends during the summer months are our deodorants. While not as fancy as perfume or even body mists, our deodorants are absolutely essential to keep that dreaded sweaty odour at bay. Anybody who’s used any form of public transport in this heat will attest to this fact! While we can’t do anything about other people, we can certainly take care of ourselves in order to smell nice and fresh. so Read on to know how to use deodorant correctly.

Mistakes You May Have Been Doing All This Time

When you shake up that bottle, just be sure that you’re not making any of these mistakes when applying your deodorant, so you can smell amazing all day long! how to use deodorant correctly 6

1. Not Applying It Right After Your Shower

The point of a deo is to counteract the odour of sweat. If you step out of your shower and then leave it too long before you apply your deo, you’re putting it on after you’ve started sweating already, which doesn’t really help much. So spray (or rub) quick!

2. Applying It Over Your Clothes

Yes, it might seem like your deo will stay on longer if you’re spraying it on fabric, which would the scent, but it doesn’t really work that way. Deodorants work by killing odor-causing bacteria on your skin, and also (for specific products) work as antiperspirants and help reduce how much you sweat. So the layer of fabric in between isn’t helping at all - your deo needs to be applied to your skin for it to serve its purpose! (And you don’t want the chemicals staining your clothes, do you now?) how to use deodorant correctly 1

3. Wearing Way Too Much Much Of It

Deos counteract the smell of sweat - they’re meant to keep you from smelling less than great over the hours! But that doesn’t mean you can use it as a substitute for perfume. Spraying too much deo doesn’t really make you smell amazing - it just makes you smell like you’re wearing too much deo! Plus, since deodorants contain chemicals that kill those odour-causing bacteria, using too much can actually irritate your skin and cause itchiness and/or rashes. Also, remember that using too much makes it soak through your clothes and give rise to those weird whitish patches.

4. Not Using The Right Kind For You

This makes a huge difference in how effective deodorant is for you. If you’re a heavy sweater, you need to use an antiperspirant deo rather than a regular one. Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts that actually absorb sweat, besides killing bacteria. On the other hand, if you sweat only lightly, then you can easily avoid the extra chemicals present in antiperspirants. Roll-ons and gels are more helpful if you sweat a lot, because of the direct application on your skin. But if you don’t sweat too much, then it’s safe enough to stay with sprays. Be warned, though, that if you have sensitive skin, you MUST stay away from roll-ons and gels to avoid irritating your skin. how to use deodorant correctly 2

5. Applying It In The Wrong Places

Perfumes go on your wrists and behind your ears because those areas are pulse points. They are “warm” parts of your bodies and allow the scent to last longer. Not so for deos! Your deo needs to go where you sweat the most - namely, your underarms, creases such as the inner part of your elbows, behind your knees, and even between your toes! These are the areas on your body where your sweat glands are the most concentrated. So spray wisely!

6. Not Using It At Bedtime

Guys, we all sweat in our sleep! So even if no one is around to smell you, it’s a good idea to use some deodorant before you hit the sack to keep those bacteria at bay even at night. You WILL wake up feeling and smelling fresher in the morning! And a little trick that many people swear by is applying deodorant to the soles of the feet and between the toes in order to keep your feet nice and fresh - which helps with sweat and odour reduction in the daytime too! how to use deodorant correctly 3

7. The Wrong Notes

You can’t just pick any random fragrance for yourself. Go with one which has notes similar to your bath and beauty products. If you’re a fan of floral scents when it comes to your body wash, moisturizer or perfume, invest in a deo with a similar scent. If a lemony soap is your go-to, then pick a citrusy deodorant for it to blend seamlessly. Else the different kinds of fragrances will clash and end up smelling rather overpowering!

8. Not Refreshing It

Girl, no matter how long your deo claims to last, in the middle of summer in India, nothing works all day long. So every four hours or so, go to the washroom, clean up a bit and spritz on a bit more of your deo. When we say clean up, we mean you gotta wash the sweat-heavy areas such as your underarms with water. Or, at the very least, cleanse thoroughly with a wet wipe. Else you’ll only be spraying your deo on a layer of sweat and not your skin. how to use deodorant correctly 5 Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: Beat The Heat: How To Smell Amazing All Day Long! MUST-READ: 7 Amazing Tips For Always Smelling Fresh “Down There”