#Forever: How To Be A Good Partner When The Going Gets Tough

#Forever: How To Be A Good Partner When The Going Gets Tough
As much as we would love our relationships to be totally dreamy, and all experiences one giant bed of roses, we must remember that real life seldom is. With various shades of grey, life often puts us in situations that are difficult to handle. Sometimes these situations even strain our relationships and put us to test as individuals. But have no fear - for tough times don’t last, tough people do! We tell you how to ride the wave and be an awesome support system to your better half, even if things around are seeming bleak!

1. Learn To Listen

Even though this might be a complete generalization, most girls love to talk. We are used to offloading all our woes on our men and telling them every last thing that irked us in the day. But if there’s some stress in his life, learn to listen. Maybe it’s the only thing he needs, someone to just hear him out.

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2. Ask Questions

Some men are not so expressive, and to get them to talk about their feelings isn’t easy. So they must be cajoled into it. Ask them what’s wrong, but do it gently. Don’t demand explanations. If you ask the right questions, we are pretty sure that your man will answer them.

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3. Don’t Be Judgemental

While it’s natural for you to have an opinion, steer clear of being judgemental! Whatever it is that your man is going through, be it stress at work or family tension, he has a right to feel however he’s feeling. Hear him out, but don’t jump up to offer your opinion until he asks for it.

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4.  Be Calm

When you’re in love with someone, you really don’t want to see them hurting – we understand this. But the truth is, sometimes in life you can’t help the situation. So don’t get hyper, just stay calm and stand by your guy. That’s the best you can do - and trust us, he will be thankful for it.

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5. Resist The Urge To Say “I Told You So”

Maybe you had warned your man about the consequences of his actions, and maybe you do feel that he would be better off had he listened. But that doesn’t give you the right to go down the ‘I told you so’ route. Nobody likes a Miss Know-It-All. Besides, it’s really not the right way to show support during the tough times!

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6. Don’t Disappear!

It’s true that when our men are crabby and sulking, we just feel like disappearing for a bit. But that really isn’t the answer. He needs you around, so don’t just cut him off. You wouldn’t want him to do that to you, right?

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7. Give Him His Space

On the other hand, if he wants some space to deal with his problems – give it to him. If he’s bummed about something he failed at, and you just want him to ignore it and come out partying with you - that’s hardly fair! If he needs to rethink things and make some important decisions, allow him some space and time to do that.

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8. Don’t Tell The Whole World

He needs your support. And while you may be giving it to him, do it subtly. Don’t go talking to every second person about his problems or how supportive you are being. And don’t even think of putting it on Facebook or any other social media!

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9. Put His Needs Before Yours

While any great relationship is marked by a sound balance of both your needs, drastic times call for a shift in that balance. If he’s going through a rough patch, it’s okay to be low-key and put your own needs on the backburner for a bit. It won’t kill you if you don’t rant about the annoying colleague at work or vent about the sale you missed. Be tuned into what he wants to talk about, or what he wants to do.

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10. Try To Make Him Snap Out Of It

If you feel – and please use your discretion here - that your boy needs to move on from a certain negative event, or needs to cope better with something, try to make this happen. Being the person he loves comes with certain perks, and one of them definitely is that you have the power to make him happy! Be his sunshine, spread good vibes, and make sure that with all your support things are much better again!

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