How To Ask Her Out, Not Creep Her Out - Boys, Take Note!

How To Ask Her Out, Not Creep Her Out - Boys, Take Note!
Yes, boys, we get it: it’s not always the easiest task to ask a woman out. And we do give you a hard time about it. The thing is, most times men get it all wrong and end up seeming really creepy - and girls tend to run scared. Maybe if we walked you through it, next time we can all hope for a happy ending! Keep in mind the following tips to ask a woman out like a boss - without weirding her out!

1.  Lose the pickup lines

Seriously, it’s 2015! Cheesy pickup lines are way past their expiry date. Today they are only associated with creepy men. While you’re saying “Somebody call God, he is missing an angel”, what she is thinking is “Somebody call 911, there’s a creep on the loose”.

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2.  Timing is everything

If you’re truly interested in a girl, make sure you get your timing right. If she just broke up with someone, don’t ask her out the very next minute. While you may think the timing is just perfect, she may think you are being an insensitive jerk who was waiting hawk-eyed to prey on her.

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3.  It’s okay to be nervous

It’s true that we girls like our men to be confident, but we also find it endearing when you’re nervous and don’t try to cover it up with random bravado. We appreciate that we are important enough for your nerves to get the better of you. Your nervousness showing is honestly way better than you trying to mask it with overconfidence or arrogance.

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4.  Don’t be fake

If you want to ask a girl out, be genuine. Tell her how you feel. There is nothing any girl appreciates more than a guy being honest and upfront with her.

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5.  Use humour to your advantage

Who can pass up a cute and funny guy who is interested in us? Also, to make the argument more compelling: it worked for Monica and Chandler! :-)

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6.  Drop hints if needed

If you are already aware that she doesn’t see you as anything but a friend, slowly plant the idea in her head. Maybe drop a couple of hints; this should prepare her for the fact that you are going to ask her out and when you do she won’t be taken completely by surprise.

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7. Don’t delay it

On the other hand, don’t overdo the hinting process and prolong it too much. She may think it’s going nowhere and be super-confused. You don’t want to give her the idea that you are just toying with her emotions!

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8.  Be clear

Do not send mixed signals. It’s simple.

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9. Be persistent (without stalking her!)

Don’t just ask a girl out on a drunken night out, when the alcohol has done its job. Whether she says yes or no, the answer won’t really mean anything. Bring up the topic the next day again. If she says she needs time, then give her some time. But don’t give up on her. No great love story began with the hero giving up at the first attempt!

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10. Friend Zone is better than Creep Zone

These are words to live by. If you really like a girl and want to ask her out, but are deep into the Friend Zone, stay there for a bit. Trust us, being in the Friend Zone is infinitely better than being in the Creep Zone. Because, then, potentially you still have a chance to ask her out again at a later point in life. Anyway, don’t we all know...pyaar dosti hai! ;)

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