Sex & His Star Sign: Find Out What Your Crush Is Like In Bed!

Sex & His Star Sign: Find Out What Your Crush Is Like In Bed!
Men may be creatures of habit, but each one brings something different to the table - oh, sorry - bedroom! There’s no better way to decode what your crush will be like between the sheets than taking a look at their zodiac sign’s traits. Read on to see whether your crush will leave you lusting for more or begging for mercy!

Mr Red Hot: Aries

An Aries male makes for one of the best kissers! He is likely to be strong, independent and masculine. Time spent with him in bed is unlikely to be a tame affair. A lover of adventure, Aries men are happy to try out new things in bed - and aren’t shy of suggesting them either!

Seduce him by: Being spontaneous. Flip open the Kama Sutra and find the raunchiest position in there!

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Mr Sensual: Taurus

A Taurean man’s lover can count herself among the luckiest! He likes to please and does it best by reciprocating the love showered on him. In other words, kiss him and he’ll return the favour in bountiful measures. While he might not be very good at communicating to you how amazing it made him feel, he will show it through intimacy in the bedroom. His sensual nature demands grace and softness from women, and he will enjoy your feminine touch during foreplay!

Seduce him by: Being subtle. Wear a satin gown and pretty lingerie!

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Mr Communication: Gemini

Nothing excites the Gemini male more than stimulating conversation! He will be mentally undressing you in his mind if you manage to spark up an interesting conversation. In bed, he will wow you with his twin-ish ability to be both ridiculously passionate and gently affectionate! Touch him, kiss him, and the sweet-nothings will drive him mad!

Seduce him by: Talking dirty. Come on, spice it up!

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Mr Sensitive: Cancer

Cancerian males are known to be highly perceptive and emotional beings, which means sex is not merely a mechanical act for them. When he bares his body, it is almost as though he is ready to bare his soul. Expect an intense love affair with this man; he makes love best in an environment that he is most familiar with. Don’t let him down on the post-sex cuddling!

Seduce him by: Getting to know your Cancerian beyond his hard exterior.

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Mr Imagination: Leo

A Leo male’s imagination is something to be admired, as he will use it endlessly to come up with ways to satisfy you! The king of the jungle will lose no time making his way into your bed, and his confidence will have him enjoying the more dominating roles. Since they enjoy being the focus of all things, be patient. But, oh how this cat can make you ROAR!

Seduce him by: Using a small argument as foreplay! He will love using sex as a make-up tool.

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Mr Technique: Virgo

Virgos have a reputation for being perfectionists, and they are no less when it comes to sex! Beneath that calm exterior, you have yourselves a man who will ravish you - so long as you tell him exactly what you want! The Virgo man doesn’t react too well to surprises and enjoys the consistency of a more sensual and trusting lovemaking experience. Also, they are likely to shower you with a lot of personal and sensual attention between the sheets!

Seduce him by: Perfecting your own presentation!

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Mr Romantic: Libra

A lover of all things balanced and beautiful, it’s no surprise that the Libra male enjoys perfect harmony in the bedroom. He knows how to really set the scene, so expect candles, gentle music, flower petals, and the works. When it comes to lovemaking, he will enjoy ALL the cliches you throw at him.

Seduce him by: Taking charge. It will leave him raring to go!

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Mr All Or Nothing: Scorpio

You will know a Scorpio male when you see him! He will be that ball of raw, magnetic, sexual energy in the room. His animalistic nature might make you feel like you’re on the ride of your life. Tread cautiously, though - the Scorpio male tends to come with a sting. His irresistible personality might leave some signs reeling for more.

Seduce him by: Leaving it all to him. He is bound to seduce you like you have never been seduced before!

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Mr Seductive: Sagittarius

A Sagittarius male will look upon his sexual conquests as a hunt. He will enjoy the chase as much as the act. Don’t mistake this man for a manipulator, though; his simple child-like personality makes him see everything like a game. This youthful energy makes them very playful and experimental in bed, and they are always ready to try new things. They are light-hearted and forgetful. So, expect sex at any time (usually the most inappropriate) of the day!

Seduce him by: Making him work for it! He likes his challenges.

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Mr Slow & Steady: Capricorn

A capricorn male is patient in terms of lovemaking. Once the ball gets rolling, however, a Cappie will prove himself to be both a marvelous and a diligent lover! They have a certain way of doing things and like clear roles to be defined in the bedroom. While they do have an adventurous side, it will be up to you to evoke it. He enjoys lingering looks and the anticipation is sure to end in an explosion!

Seduce him by: Taking it easy. Your intimate touch will work wonders!

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 Mr Out-Of-The-Box: Aquarius

An Aquarian male will be full of surprises in the bedroom! Always ready to experiment, this sign will do more than knock your socks off! Conventional sex will just not do for this water sign. They want wild, unpredictable and risque sex! Their rebellious streak implies that your flaws and quirks will only spur them on and leave them sexually charged, wanting more and more!

Seduce him by: Engaging in roleplay!

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Mr Laid Back: Pisces

Pisces men just love to kick back, and are infamous for being lazy in bed. However, when they do make love, they like to explore, so sex becomes much more than a physical encounter. You will feel a true sense of intimacy when in bed with this man, as he will value the emotional connectivity of sex over the physical one.

Seduce him by: Bringing the chase to him! They will sit back and bask in your glory.

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