#Awww: This Is How You Make Your Mom Smile! | POPxo

#Awww: This Is How You Make Your Mom Smile!

#Awww: This Is How You Make Your Mom Smile!
None of us have any clear memory of our first day at school. You might know how much you cried, which dress you wore, or even your super-cute tiffin box. But only because your mother has told you the story too many times to count! You know why? Because that day is something your mom can never forget! Those few anxious hours of wondering if you’ll be fine, if you’ll eat, if you’ll need her for something, no matter how small. Well, it's your turn now to introduce her to a whole new world! Show her the how our lives have become so much easier since the Internet. No, seriously! Grocery shopping and learning new recipes online got our moms very excited! And, of course, you can stay close to her even when you're a thousand miles away. Watch this heartwarming ad by Google for their #TogetherOnline initiative and get inspired just the way we have been! :-)

Bring a smile to your mom’s face. Because she is the one who always wiped away your tears. <3

And thank you, mom, we wouldn’t be what we are without you!
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