11 Times Celebs Showed Us How NOT To Take Life Too Seriously! | POPxo

11 Times Celebs Showed Us How NOT To Take Life Too Seriously!

11 Times Celebs Showed Us How NOT To Take Life Too Seriously!
One of the biggest perks of social media is that we get to see a fun, adorable side to our favourite celebrities first hand! Let’s not even try to pretend we don’t stalk their Instagram and Twitter ALL THE TIME. They can be cute, funny, and goofy – much like the rest of us – and boy, do they leave us begging for more! But the most important lesson to be learnt here is, if they can be so chilled-out despite the constant pressure of being in the public eye, so can we! Let’s look at all the times our fav celebrities showed us how it’s done! *Swallows a 500 mg chill pill*

1. The time Ranveer Singh turned up like that to the GQ Best Dressed Awards…

funny celeb moments - ranveer And basically showed us that being best dressed is an awfully relative term! Images: Ranveer Singh on Instagram (here and here)

2. The time Sonakshi’s DubSmash game was stronger than ever!

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3. The time everyone was laughing at Alia, and then they were laughing with her!

funny celeb moments - alia You can watch the video here!

4. The time Sonam Kapoor shared a meme, about herself!

funny celeb moments - sonam Image: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram (here)

5. The time Shahid Kapoor threw-back to his young and shiny Shiamak days!

funny celeb moments - shahid #LikeALittleBoss Image: Shahid Kapoor on Instagram (here)

6. When KJo tried to grill SRK on Koffee With Karan…

funny celeb moments - KJo As he does with everyone! Image: tumblr

7. But SRK made an obvious joke linking the two of them instead!

funny celeb moments - SRK His exact words were: “But waking up in the morning WITH you is more likely, naa?” (Oh Shah Rukh, there’s a reason we are forever swooning!) Image: tumblr

8. The time Nargis Fakhri got obsessed with this Poop Emoji pillow and took it everywhere with her, posting about its travels and moods.

funny celeb moments - nargis Seriously, she has a name for him - Mr Fecals - and it is so absurdly wonderful how she’s always so excited about it! Images: Nargis Fakhri on Instagram (here and here)

9. The time Farah Khan threw-back to her wedding on Twitter...

funny celeb moments - farah And revealed how Arjun Kapoor looked back then! Image: Farah Khan on Twitter (here)

10. And Arjun Kapoor laughed right along with everyone else…

funny celeb moments - arjun Saying: “lesson is khana kam khao”! Image: Arjun Kapoor on Twitter (here)

11. The time Rishi Kapoor, Twitter’s newest funny man, killed it with his antics

funny celeb moments - rishi What takes the cake, though, is his more than modest bio! Image: Rishi Kapoor on Twitter MUST-READ: #InstaFUN: 15 Indian Celebs Who Are KILLING It On Instagram MUST-READ: #CelebSmash: Our Fav Stars (Still) Being AWESOME On DubSmash!