#MaggiNoMore: The BEST Memes About Life After The Ban! | POPxo

#MaggiNoMore: The BEST Memes About Life After The Ban!

#MaggiNoMore: The BEST Memes About Life After The Ban!
Our fondest childhood memory, our best sleepover experiments and our saviour in college! And pretty much every day when we’re too lazy/ tired to feed ourselves a full meal. Our lives just wouldn’t have been the same without those “2-minute” noodles! All this talk around Maggi has given birth to such amazingly hilarious memes, though, that it almost seems worth it. We said ALMOST. These are our favourites from all over the internet!

1. No, seriously, we’ll cry more than we did during the movie, and that’s saying something!

maggi ban 1 Source

2. For all those single men who will basically DIE of starvation...

maggi ban 2 Source

3. Ladies, don’t deny it! We’re calling you out too. (AND this meme for spelling Maggi wrong!)

maggi ban 3 Source

4. AND of course, other brands are getting their word in with some easy though definitely creative advertising!)

maggi ban 4 Source

5. Like the Censor Board didn’t already have enough things to cut out and warn us about. UGH.

maggi ban 5 Source

6. You know that aisle in the grocery store with all the gazillion Maggi packets? It’s our second favourite after the wine aisle.

maggi ban 6 Source

7. We’ve all tried to cheat Maggi into our diets. The Oats version made is so much easier!

maggi ban 7 Source

8. MSG (but not the one you’re thinking) in your Maggi. This one is SO weird, and SO ridiculously funny!!

maggi ban 8 Source

9. LEADin’ it. Sigh. We guess we’ll have to stuff our faces with burgers now!

maggi ban 9 Source

10. A fond, respectful farewell for the one who kept us fed when there was nothing in the refrigerator. :-(

maggi ban 10 Source

11. All mothers everywhere finally have proof for what they’ve been trying to tell for years now! :/ Okay, FINE, mom.

maggi ban 12 Source

12. The pain will be felt EVERYwhere. Hostels, remote hilly areas, our kitchens. International politics.

maggi ban 11 Source

Maggi, you’ll forever be in hearts. [And our store rooms, because we’re definitely stocking up with a lifetime’s worth of supply ASAP]

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