14 Fun And Random Things To Bring You And Your Guy Closer!

14 Fun And Random Things To Bring You And Your Guy Closer!
There’s no such thing as too much fun or too much romance - or too much intimacy, for that matter. You and your boy may actually be super happy together (touching all the wood), but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be even happier! Try these random yet fun things with your guy, and you two will end up feeling more connected than ever! Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?!

1. Blindfold him and take him to the spot where you guys first met

Imagine his expression when he suddenly finds himself in your college canteen, the same wafts of hot samosas and familiar uncomfortable benches!

2. Babysit your nephew/ niece together

Wouldn’t that be fun? It’ll be like playing house, except with a real baby! (Psst! It’s also a great way to check if the boy has “Daddy” skills.)

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3. Introduce “Do The Opposite” Day

Decide on one day in the week where you guys spice up date night - and do the opposite of what you normally do. Dress up if you guys usually keep it casual, go for Italian food if Chinese is your regular date cuisine, and so on and so forth. You get the drift, right?

4. Watch an entire football/ cricket match/ superhero movie with him

Boys usually have a few things they hold dear and sacred; if you and football (or whatever else) are two of them, this simple act will send him over the moon! Oh, and don’t crib while you’re watching – that just defeats the whole purpose!

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5. Make him play stylist!

You guys have to attend a common friend’s party? Leave your styling to him! Get him to look at your wardrobe and suggest a dress and shoes to go with it. He might be awfully reluctant at first, but trust us, this is going to turn into a full-blown giggle fest before you guys know it! And in case it doesn’t, at least you’ll definitely get to know his real opinion on your favourite dress!

6. Go Cycling

It’s sporty enough for both of you to enjoy, and it’s a great way to see your city in a new light. If nothing else, it can make sure you guys live out your Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar fantasy and keep yelling to each other: “Top gear Sanju!” No? Okay, to each her own! :-)

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7. Cook together!

Not only is it a nice bonding exercise, but you also basically get to do date night on a budget. (God knows we all need that sometimes!) If both of you enjoy a little bit of competition, do a cook-off! You can always invite a friend over to play judge.

8. Volunteer

Maybe you’ve considered it, maybe you haven’t. But volunteering at the nearby homeless shelter or senior citizens’ home or an underprivileged kids’ organization is just such an awesome way to do something fun and help society at the same time.

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9. Do a one-day trip

Just drive down to the nearest vacation spot, have a long, lazy, decadent lunch and drive back. Talk all through the drive. No, wait - better still, sing old songs at the top of your voices! Totes amaze!

10. Dubsmash!

The most inexpensive yet creatively fun thing to do, Dubsmash is an app you can download and get cracking on. All the celebrities are in on this trend, so why not you two?

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11. Watch a film in a language you don’t understand

Either you can be trés adventurous about this, and go watch some French cinema, or you can watch any movie that the regional languages bouquet your cable operator offers in the comfort of your own home. This is guaranteed to be a fun/eye-opening exercise that you and your boyfriend will enjoy together. And if you’re at home, forget the subtitles and try guessing what’s happening from just watching the screen - you can even get creative and come up with your own dialogues!

12. Public transport FTW

Step out early in the morning and use public transport (that, and only that) to go to your favourite spots around the city. At the end of the day, you might be tired, but you both are going to feel SO fulfilled!

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13. Download all the songs he loves and give it to him on a pen drive

It is things like these that remind him why he loves you so much. So don’t be lazy, just do it. You can always go for a drive after dinner and plug this pen drive into the car’s sound system. It’ll turn out to be a drive he’ll always remember!

14. Invite all your besties for a game night

Maybe you guys have very diverse groups, but once in a while it’s awesome if your worlds collide! Try and hang with both your bestie and his at the same time – for all you know, it goes really well and ends up being just an awesome example of wonderful times to come! Besides, do not underestimate the power of Taboo and “Never Have I Ever” - we speak from experience! ;-)

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