DON'T TaLK LyK DiS! 12 Rules For Texting A Guy You Like

DON'T TaLK LyK DiS! 12 Rules For Texting A Guy You Like
Meeting someone you click with can be exciting. Exchanging numbers and starting to text each other can be even more exciting! However, there are some texting rules or etiquettes that even those of us who are super well-equipped for such situations often forget. Here are some do's and don’ts you should keep in mind when you start texting someone new!

1. Do: Think about what you’re saying to them

You have only met them and it's understandable if you don’t want to be coming on too strong. Nerves do have a way of making us sometimes say things we don’t really intend on saying (at least just yet)!

2. Don’t: Read that text a 100 times before sending it

You don’t want to end up altering your texts so much that the end product is not you at all! And if you read it over and over, you will find something wrong each time and want to change it. Be yourself! You may not want to not spill everything out to someone you’ve only just started talking to, but don’t be afraid to say the things that you really want to say!

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3. Do: Feel free to make jokes

Funny is sexy, after all! Everyone enjoys talking to someone with a great sense of humour. :)

4. Don’t: End every sentence with “Hahaha”/“Hehe”

Come on, even he knows you’re not actually laughing at everything he says; unless you’ve really found that funny a guy! In which case, you are one lucky girl. ;)

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5. Do: Be patient with his responses

While he’s probably enjoying chatting with you as much as you are with him, he DOES have other things to do as well! Don’t get all antsy when you don’t hear back from him for a little while. He will reply, eventually!

6. Don’t: Be texting him or expect him to be texting you all day

It’s not possible for you to be texting him ALL the time, neither can he text you 24 hours a day. So, lay low a little. Plus, what will you talk about when you actually meet up if you talk ALL the time?!

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7. Do: Use emojis when you want!

Emoticons can add some fun and flirtiness to your conversations. Sometimes, there is nothing better than an emoticon to express yourself!

8. Don’t: Have an entire conversation with ONLY emojis or TaLK LyK DiS

Come on, now. You can do better! Have a real conversation in a language he can easily understand! :P

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9. Do: Ditch the stereotypical gender rules

Don’t wait around all the time for him to text you first or initiate a conversation. If you feel like texting him, don’t hold back just because he hasn’t texted you yet or because you were the last one to text!

10. Don’t: Keep texting him when he’s not responding

If you’ve sent more than a couple of texts and haven’t received a response yet, hold on! Keep your calm and don’t keep texting him just because you want a response. You don’t want to seem desperate to talk to him. Plus, you do NOT want a one-sided conversation!

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11. Do: Be Direct

Want to ask him to accompany you to a concert you had both discussed a while ago? Just ask already! Being straightforward saves everyone time and unnecessary stress. Just spell out what you want or don’t want, loud and clear.

12. Don’t: Over-analyse everything he says

We cannot stress the importance of this one enough! Don’t read too much into his texts. If he tells you he’s tired and can’t hang out, take it to mean that he is genuinely tired after a long day; not that he’s tired of you. This can be applied to pretty much anything he says.

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