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5 Super-Easy Ways To Make Your Favourite Bra Last Longer!

5 Super-Easy Ways To Make Your Favourite Bra Last Longer!
We all have those few bras that are a bit extra special to us! Yes, even some of the ones we wear daily. It might be because they hug us in all the right places, or the lace on it makes us feel like an absolute princess. No matter what the reason is, some bras are just too precious to be thrown out after a few wears - and here is exactly how you get the most out of them!

1. The Right Size Is Crucial

Wearing a bra of the right size is the most effective way of making sure that you get the maximum wear out of your bra. Try these tests to make sure your bra is the right size for you, and you’ll notice that the perfect fit actually makes for a longer life. bra care

2. Wash It Right

Washing instructions are super-useful, girls! We know most of you don’t have to do your own laundry, but taking a few minutes out to sort the ones that can’t be machine washed (underwires, hello!) and the ones that can will make a world of difference. If possible, all your lingerie should be hand-washed, or at the very least washed in the “delicate” setting. Using a washing bag for your lingerie and fastening up all the hooks will also help a lot - so that the hooks don’t get stuck in fabric or get pulled out of shape. bra care

3. Stack And Fold

Storing your bras the right way is another thing you should start practicing, if you aren’t doing so already. While hanging or stacking up your padded bra helps in retaining the shape, unlined bras can be folded nicely and stored in a drawer. bra care

4. Take It Off As Soon As You Can

Most of us don’t wear a bra for longer than is necessary, but in case some of you aren’t taking your bra off as soon as you enter your room, you really should. Not only will your boobs get to breathing room for a bit, but your bras will benefit from it too! The elastic of the band really need some rest for your bra to last longer. (Always have wear-at-home bras to change into.) For the same reason, avoid wearing the same bra two days in a row. Bonus tip: washing your bras in cold water will keep the elastic strong! bra care

5. For Work OR Workout - Don’t Mix Them Up!

You daily bras aren’t meant to be worn when you work out. The excessive bouncing is really bad for the fabric and it’ll be sure to wear out very soon. Even if you’re only doing cardio, it’s just as bad for your boobs as it is for your bra! Invest in sports bras and use just those for when you plan to hit the gym. bra care GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy MUST-READ: Jiggle, Bulge, Spill: 3 Tests To Find The Right Bra! MUST-READ: 11 Things You Need To Know To Find The PERFECT Strapless Bra