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OMG, So CUTE! 10 Adorable Earrings You NEED To Own!

OMG, So CUTE! 10 Adorable Earrings You NEED To Own!

Wearing same old boring studs every day? Not any more! There’s a whole world of absolutely ADORABLE earrings out there, and we’re totally ready to amp up our style game with them. Are you going to be joining us?! We promise you’ll love all of these just as much as we do!

1. FAYON Butterfly Charm Earrings

best earrings 1 Pink and butterflies. Could there be anything cuter?! The colour goes with just about anything in your closet too, we’re sure of that! Price: Rs 450. Buy it here.

2. Style Fiesta Shoe Bag Studs

best earrings 2 These studs will totally quirk up your look! The one-shoe-one-bag earrings might be tiny, but they speak volumes about your style. Price: Rs 500. Buy it here.

3. Lips Double Illusion Studs

best earrings 3 One of our favourites! Illusion studs are a big deal at the moment, and these ones are the best of the kind. Wear it with a classic shift to make them stand out more. Price: Rs. 420. Buy it here.

4. Ethnic Floral Earrings

best earrings 4 These colourful earrings are so gorgeous that we can’t WAIT to take them out for a spin! The fusion twist is really cool, and all the shades are so summer friendly! Price: Rs. 699. Buy it here.

5. Habors Gorgeous Blue Feather Earrings

best earrings 5 Feather earrings are still doing the rounds in the fashion circle - and it’s because they’re so light but still manage to make a great impact! We also love the vibrant colour of this pair. Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

6. Habors Black Moustache Earrings

best earrings 6 These quirky moustache-shaped earrings are a must for your stash! The black pretty much ensures that you can wear them with absolutely anything. It would look especially great with a basic monochrome outfit. Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

7. Voylla Metal Dangle & Drop Earings For Women

best earrings 7 Aren’t these danglers super-adorable?! The colour is so different, and the drop couldn’t have been cuter. Perfect for a fancy lunch! Price: Rs 109. Buy it here.

8. Ayesha Drop Earrings For Women

best earrings 8 These ivory hearts just make us feel super positive about life, somehow! Pairing them with your outfit would give you a great start to the day. Price: Rs 149. Buy it here.

9. Glam Faux Stone Bow Studs

best earrings 9 Bows just never get old, and these intricate black ones are just right when you want to add something amazing yet subtle to your look. Price: Rs 289. Buy it here.

10. Cheery Elephant Studs

best earrings 10 Go a bit out there with these engraved elephant studs! They won’t take away too much attention from your outfit while still making you look awesome. You can even make them work with an ethnic outfit! Price: Rs 179. Buy it here.
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Published on Jun 16, 2015
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