#BollywoodStyle: 6 WOW Sari Blouses You Need To Get Stitched!

#BollywoodStyle: 6 WOW Sari Blouses You Need To Get Stitched!
Bollywood has so much of an effect on all of our lives! The way we talk, the way we dance and, most importantly, the way we dress! While we can’t possibly afford the designer pieces our favorite Bollywood stars wear on screen, we can always draw some inspiration for when we get our sari blouses stitched!

Bollywood Blouse Designs That Are Trending

1. The New Classic Black

bollywood sari blouse 2

Deepika can make anything look good, but that isn’t the reason we’re loving the style of her blouse, honestly. We love that it’s lined from just under the straps, and the bow at the front is just the best! You’ll have to be super-careful with giving your measurements, though, since there is no scope for a mistake here! And who can’t find black chiffon in storage?!

2. Rock The Sheer

bollywood sari blouse

The perfect option for when you need a sexy blouse without looking totally scandalous! Sheer panels at the shoulders and sleeves is a big trend right now, and the combination of velvet and chiffon looks really amazing. It’s a great option for when you need a blouse to work for day and night. Can’t wear a full on jhatak blouse to work, right? But you need to take really good care of it, though, because even accidentally rubbing your shoulder on a rough surface will be the end of this one!

3. Traditional With A Twist

FI saree blouses

Sari blouse with a twist?! This one made it to this list as it’s a modern version of the blouse using traditional fabrics. We love how Katrina’s blouse gives the illusion of being scrunched up at the front, even though it really isn’t. It’s just another piece of cloth tied around the front. The bright colour choice for the piping is something we can easily add to our everyday blouses. You wouldn’t believe the difference such a small thing can make!

4. Go Contemporary

bollywood sari blouse 4

Sonam always manages to surprise us with her fashion choices, and we can’t help but be dazzled by how different her blouse is! Try this variation for when you want to make a statement with your blouse. Especially great for people who don’t like deep necks. This blouse will look super-elegant while not making you feel conscious at all!

5. The Casual Halter

bollywood sari blouse 1

No one will ever be able to forget Sushmita’s saris in this movie! And we adore the blouses she wore even more. Let them inspire you to try out a halter style! They’re seriously great for summer, and not too much of a challenge for your tailor either. And if you ask him to make the band wide enough, it doesn’t even have to be padded and you can just wear it with a strapless bra. Though, to be honest, the fitting will be infinitely better if you do get the pads.

6. Bring Sexy Back!

bollywood sari blouse 5

One of the most iconic sari moments in Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra blew our minds in Desi Girl. If you want to make a splash as big as she did, we suggest getting a sexy blouse like hers! Don’t let your tailor use just any cups, though. They are all the support you’re going to be getting, so make sure to check them (or even go out and buy them) yourself! It’ll be a classic in your wardrobe since it matches almost every sari, and you go from 0 to 10 on the hotness scale in a matter of seconds. Just...don’t ever wear it to a mandir!

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