#Beauty101: 7 AWESOME Benefits Of Getting A Regular Facial

#Beauty101: 7 AWESOME Benefits Of Getting A Regular Facial
If you thought just cleaning your face twice every day was enough to guard your pores against dirt and muck, you’re in for a reality check, ladies! Trust us, a regular facial is just as important as getting a haircut. Even more, sometimes! A facial not only cleanses your skin thoroughly, it also keeps it healthy and glowing for weeks after! If you’re still sceptical about getting one, here are a few ways in which a facial clean up is super beneficial for you…

1. It Relaxes You, Physically And Mentally

regular facial clean up

What a good massage does to your aching head, a facial does to your skin. It’s a blissful experience and gives you a much-deserved break. The creams, the pampering and the massage make for a relaxing time after a long day/week/month!

2. A Boost Of Freshness

We’ve already told you that facials help improve the texture of your skin. It’s true - working long hours in front of the computer, exposing your skin to the sun or just plain travelling can damage skin without you even realising it! You know what can help retain its glow? A facial, of course! The facial mix used during a clean-up contains essential vitamins and minerals that helps boost skin cell regeneration. Still not convinced?

3. It Hydrates Your Skin

regular facial clean up

Given the rising temperature, your skin now tends to produce more oil and thus loses moisture. This could leave your skin look and feeling dry, and in turn, cause pimples. A facial is what will come to your rescue in a situation like this. It will not only rehydrate your skin, but will also improve blood circulation so that the skin feels rejuvenated and fresh!

4. No More Puffy Eyes!

Be it sleepless nights, overtime at work or just a few consecutive night-outs - the puffy-eye devil catches up on us quicker than we realise! Here, a facial will benefit you by acting as a coolant and calming the nerves around your eyes. The massage will also increase blood circulation around the eyes, keeping puffiness at bay!

5. Your Pores Are Cleansed

regular facial clean up

No matter how much you wash your face with or scrub it, a facial will do a far better job at cleansing your pores thoroughly. You SHOULD NOT poke at those little blackheads and whiteheads at home - it's way better to have them removed professionally. As well, your facial helps remove unwanted dust particles clogging your pores, puts a stop to acne formation and leaves skin feeling moist and soft again. If you’re a girl who is cautious about her skin, getting regular facials should be your top priority!

6. It Lightens Dark Spots

They’re annoying, we know! That’s one of the reasons why getting a facial is SO important. Over time and regular facials, dark spots will reduce considerably. Also, to avoid dark spots in the first place, sunscreen on a daily basis, no matter what!

7. It Slows Down The Ageing Process

 regular facial clean up

A regular facial allows the skin to be radiant, feel healthier and improves skin texture. Thanks to the burst of nutrients your skin receives, skin aging slows down considerably! Now, you know what to do to reverse those years, don’t you?! ;)

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