Aashna Shroff Of The Snob Journal Joins The POPxo Blog Network

Aashna Shroff Of The Snob Journal Joins The POPxo Blog Network
Quirky, confident and bold! Fashion and beauty enthusiast, Aashna Shroff of The Snob Journal loves to use her style to experiment and push boundaries. Ever the entrepreneur, she also has an online store The Snob Shop that is an extension of her own approach to fashion. Her blog brings you the best of beauty, fashion and her globe trotting ways and promises to inspire you to try something new with your wardrobe! As she joins The POPxo Blog Network this month, we asked her a few questions to get started. Read on…

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What sparked your interest in fashion?

This may sound super cliché, but I have always been inclined towards fashion. Although, it wasn't until a year ago that I decided to make it my career. I believe it's the ability to express myself through my style that got me interested in fashion.

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What is your first fashion/beauty memory?

I distinctly remember asking my mom to buy me an orange pair of jeans to pair with an orange top. I was a child at the time, and as horrifying as it might sound today, it was the ultimate fashion statement for me back then.

What is your personal style statement?

I believe in constantly experimenting while making sure I'm confident in what I wear.

What made you take up blogging?

Blogging gave me the opportunity to share my personal style and, given my fondness for writing, it was the perfect platform for me.

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What would you like to tell all aspiring bloggers?

Be yourself and be patient. Good things come with time.

The POPxo quiz:

1. One beauty product you swear by

Nude lipstick. Preferably the Mac Velvet Teddy.

2. An outfit you could live in for the rest of your life

Joggers and a T-shirt.

3. Your biggest guilty pleasure

Fries for every meal. Even breakfast.

4. The one trend/style you would NEVER wear

I don't think there's any style I would not want to try.

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5. Success is?

Hard work.

6. Fame or Money?

Money, with maybe a little bit of fame?

7. You look up to?

My mom.

8. The ONE thing no one knows about you?

I wanted to be a doctor, a preschool teacher, a creative director and a photographer before I finally got into fashion.

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9. What is your biggest strength?

My perseverance.

10.If you could be anyone for a day, who would you like to be?

Myself, having achieved what I've always dreamt of.

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