#Aww: 7 Women Share Their Most Romantic Moments Ever

#Aww: 7 Women Share Their Most Romantic Moments Ever
It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for making someone feel special. True romance is all about making your love feel on top of the world, any day and every day, with the simplest of gestures that touch the soul. Nothing warms the heart more than a sweet, adorable story of love – that’s why, we made 7 women share their favourite fairytale moments that will made us go awwww!

1. Choco Love

He kept asking what I would want for my birthday; I kept saying a box of chocolate would do. He had a box custom-made - of the finest dark chocolate - and filled it with lots of chocolates in all shapes and sizes. “What’s with the box?” I asked. “You asked for it, baby!” he replied.

34, Corporate Trainer, Bangalore

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2. Art To The Rescue

We fought and parted ways at the train station, deciding never to meet again. I reached home and continued to weep thinking it was over. Next thing I knew, he was at my door, saying he came to check if I was okay, because he was not. He was holding his ears, apologizing: “There are no florists in the area, but if you lend me a paper and pencil, I'll draw some flowers for you.” I couldn’t help but grin and hug him hard.

26, Executive Assistant, Mumbai

3. Party Surprise!

I had invited him for an evening out with my friends, but he refused on account of not getting along with them. That irked me because weekend after weekend I had put up with his friends, many of whom I didn't like. I decided to go without him, but kept missing him throughout. When he called, I moved away to chat with him - only to see him standing at the restaurant door. For a second, I couldn’t decide whether to hug him or punch him. I finally settled for the hug, holding him so tight, like two lovers at the end of a rom-com. Sigh!

24, Admin Executive, Mumbai

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4. Princess Diaries

I liked him, but I never said anything because his sister was my best friend and I didn’t want any complications. But while shopping for her wedding in Jaipur, his eyes were glued to me. Suddenly, he asked me to accompany him to select something for the groom. I agreed. He took me to Hawa Mahal and said, “This probably deserves a better venue, but I couldn’t resist telling you that I am falling for you. You are my princess - and what better place than a palace to tell you that you mean the world to me?” At first I thought it was a bit cheesy and laughed it off, but when I looked into his eyes, I realized he was serious. We’ve been married for six years now!

34, Financial Planner, Mumbai

5. Sound Of Love

This guy in college made a mix tape and had it slipped into my bag with a note saying: “I love you”. When I played the tape, I realized all the songs on it were sad ones. I was wondering why anyone do so when, hidden behind the cover, I found another note: “This tape is for me, if you say no. Your love songs are with me, if it’s a yes.” Looking back now, I can’t help but smile at the effort and the thought behind it!

36, HR Professional, Mumbai.

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6. Lost But Found

Three years after we broke up, we met up at a conference in another city. Since it has been a bad breakup, we couldn’t really make eye contact. He finally broke the ice with some random chit-chat and we got talking. Soon I found myself surprised that we could talk so much again, without even a word being spoken about our past relationship. After work, he invited me to his room and ordered my favourite food. I suddenly started crying like a baby as I admitted how my life had not been the same. He held me tight and we both slept in each other’s arms on the sofa. All that rage of three years just vanished in a night!

23, IT professional, New Delhi

7. Picture Perfect

Way before FB and Instagram, this guy at work made the effort of befriending my brother, collating my birthday pics from over the years and scanning them - and then he made an audiovisual for my 25th birthday. He even had the best shots custom-printed for fridge magnets. We dated for a bit before we parted ways, but the fridge magnets remain.

36, Media Professional, Mumbai

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