From OMG To Aww: "I Checked My Boyfriend's Phone, And..."

From OMG To Aww: "I Checked My Boyfriend's Phone, And..."
Not all of us will readily admit to crossing this little, invisible line, but chances are you’ve caught a sneaky-peek of your boyfriend’s phone when he wasn’t looking. It’s not always a good idea, since you don’t know what you’re going to find lurking behind that screen. Sometimes though, it might just remind you of the reason you fell in love with him in the first place. From the absolutely shocking to the adorably sweet - here’s what 10 women found when they checked their man’s phone!

1. “We were dining at a really nice restaurant when my boyfriend excused himself; I figured he had gone to the toilet. Anyway, his phone started buzzing, a bit too much for my liking. So, I quickly checked his phone to see what was up. I couldn’t believe it, there was a message from his best friend saying, “Have you done it yet?!” with a bunch of ring and smiley emoticons! I quickly put his phone back on the table, and five minutes later, he proposed!"

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2. “My boyfriend had gone for a shower when I realized that he had left his on the bedside, which does not happen often. I just couldn’t resist taking a look. I wish I hadn’t. I found numerous naked selfies of himself in there, none of which had ever been sent to me. Icing on the cake - I kept scrolling and found a bunch of lingerie pics of some girl who had clearly returned the favour!

3. “My college boyfriend and I had been seeing each other for quite sometime. He had come down to visit me for the weekend and had gone up to take a nap. As per usual, he had brought some laundry for me to do, so I ended up picking up his jeans too, which were on the floor. Suddenly, his jeans’ pocket started buzzing. Someone saved as “Boo 2” was calling. I answered the phone, only to speak to his “girlfriend” from back home! She was as surprised to hear my voice! Both of us talked about what was going on, and mutually decided to dump his ass!"

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4. “Me and my (now) husband had gone for a late-night drive. We decided to get some snacks for the road. He decided to go and grab them while I waited in the car, which is when his phone, which was connected through bluetooth to the car speakers, started ringing. It was his mom calling, so I just let it ring. Then, his phone started buzzing repeatedly, so I checked it; it was his mom (again!), asking when he’d be home. I opened the conversation window to see what else she had been saying, and saw that she had already messaged twice before, asking him to hurry up and return home. I was pretty annoyed, until I saw that he had simply replied: “Chill mama, you may have to get used to her being around”. What a cutie! His mom “chilled out” quite a bit after we finally tied the knot!”

5. “My boyfriend was sleeping in and I was wide awake. Sheer boredom made me check his phone. And I’m so glad I did, only to discover that some other girl had beaten me to saying “Good morning baby!!”. When he woke up, his bags were packed; I asked him to leave the second he woke up. Didn’t regret it one bit!”

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6. “I had been noticing that my boyfriend was “Online” a lot on WhatsApp, but every time I tried to start a conversation, he wouldn’t reply. Obviously, I got a little suspicious. The next time we got together, I randomly told him to get me some chips from the roadside, and decided to check his WhatsApp to see who he had been chatting with. The first thing I found was a group called Don’t Tell Priyu. Obviously, I opened it straight away, only to realize that he was planning a massive surprise for my 30th birthday! Even my dad was in the group! He had organized a trip for me, my family and close friends to Goa! :)”

7. “I didn’t exactly check my boyfriend’s phone, but I was stalking him on Instagram and decided to see who all he was following. There were just so many girls! I clicked on to a few of the profiles and started going through their pictures. On a lot of them, his comments were something like: “You’re so cute!”, “Hottie”, “Such a babe!”. I was horrified, especially because he had repeatedly told me in the past that social media PDA was just “not his thing”. What a jerk!”

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8. “I went through my boyfriend’s notes once on his phone and was amazed to see that he had made these long, amazing drafts of cute messages to send to me. They were really sweet messages, and he had sent a couple of them to me already. It was just nice to see how much thought he put into what he was going to say to me!

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9. “I checked my boyfriend’s work phone one day and realized that he was having an affair with one of his colleagues. I was so angry at the time that I didn’t even think twice before screen-shotting their conversations and sending them across to his boss. I’m sure there were repercussions. I didn’t stick around to see them though!”

10. “One of my girlfriends had recently broken up with her boyfriend, because she’d found out about his cheating ways. I don’t know why, but I suddenly had an urge to check my boyfriend’s phone. Honestly, I checked his email, texts, WhatsApp, his picture gallery, only to find NOTHING! He was just having normal conversations with his friends and colleagues. I felt really stupid and guilty after, but was also so happy to know that he was committed to me!”

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