#ShaadiStyle: What's Your Zodiac Bridal Fashion?

#ShaadiStyle: What's Your Zodiac Bridal Fashion?
Isn’t it fascinating how your zodiac sign can reveal more about you than you’d thought? As it turns out, this is also applicable for your bridal style and preferences! While every bride to-be spends hours on Pinterest, makes a dozen shopping hauls and spends many, many obsessive hours to perfect her look for D-Day, could it be that her sun sign is steering her towards a particular style and look? Read on to see if we are truly on to something here - here’s your zodiac bridal fashion!


True joy lies in the details, and an Aquarius girl knows that. Armed with a fabulous knack for experimentation (“safe” is for the boring), she loves giving every outfit her own, unique twist. This makes the Aquarius bride a dream to work with for any designer.

Bridal Style: Exquisite Opulence

bridal fashion


Being the dreamers that they are, Piscean women are blessed with an ethereal vibe that’s SO difficult to copy. The Pisces girl has her own way of making any outfit timeless, and that always works to her advantage!

Bridal Style: Flowy Charm

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The Aries girl is exciting, vibrant, bubbly, and has a unique zest for life. The Aries bride is enthusiastic to take some risks, but will sure as hell leave a lasting impression with her sartorial choices - and might we add, look bloody sexy while she’s at it!

Bridal Style: Sexy Diva

bridal fashion


Earthy, practical and dependable - the Taurus woman cannot be fooled into trends that come and go. Their charm lies in being classic and strong. But, don’t mistake them for boring! Taurean women embody their own brand of sensual.

Bridal Style: Earthy Goddess

bridal fashion


Charming and oh-so-savvy - the duality of a Gemini bride makes her the perfect candidate for experimentation. A simple outfit with clean cuts on one day, yet all the drama and glitz on the next - this bride will showcase colours we never even knew existed!

Bridal Style: Fashion Chameleon

bridal fashion


The Cancerian girl loves adventure, but seeks solace in comfort. Since Cancerians are so loyal, they will stick to what they know. But, they also have a fun streak and would love to add an element of surprise to anything they wear, say or do. While decoding their bridal style, think high fashion with generous doses of comfort.

Bridal Style: Comfortable Elegance

bridal fashion


Does the lioness ever lose sleep over the opinion of sheep? Absolutely not! The Leo bride is gorgeous from head to toe, with bold colours and an attitude to watch out for. With a flair for drama and opulence, the Leo girl pretty much anticipates that all eyes will be on her. And you bet they will!

Bridal Style: Bold Beauty

bridal fashion


Beautiful in a natural sort of way, Virgos seem calm on the outside, but are always striving for perfection. We imagine the Virgo bride getting intricate details, like chantilly lace, to be a part of her wedding outfits. The pastel trend prevalent right now matches the lovely-yet-shy Virgo personality perfectly!

Bridal Style: Detailed Sophistication

bridal fashion


Romantic and beautiful, the Libran woman is good natured with a serious sense of style. Her artistic soul actually craves uniqueness. The Libra bride won’t go for something ordinary, but she also won’t go for something too outlandish. The charm lies in the balance!

Bridal Style: Artistic Fashionista

bridal fashion


The Scorpion woman embodies raw sensuality. The most passionate sign in the zodiac, the Scorpion woman always knows her mind. This also means that she has a very strong opinion on fashion. The Scorpion bride will go to any extent to get her dream outfit, and if we had to guess what it’ll be, think of deep, rich colours and amazing, clean silhouettes.

Bridal Style: Sensual Star

bridal fashion


Fun, playful and happy - the Sagittarius woman is all about experimenting with fashion. She has a penchant for knowledge and all things new. This makes her bridal style fun, young and edgy. However, one can’t forget - Sagittarians love their freedom and will let nothing get in the way of it. Edgy designs and flowy fabrics - that’s what you can expect from the Saggi bride.

Bridal Style: Edgy Princess

bridal fashion


The Capricorn woman evaluates EVERYTHING. This trait extends to their fashion sense, as they are very particular about what they wear. For a bride, sometimes sticking to the known actually works wonders. The Capricorn lady already knows what flatters her silhouette and what colours work for her. Given her hard-working nature, she will use this knowledge to conjure up a wedding look that will be all kinds of perfect.

Bridal Style: Smart Silhouettes

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